The 2011 National Poetry Week is just around the corner here in Australia (September 5-11) and Australian Poetry has the whole week planned.

Here’s what it’s about (from the horses mouth):

‘2011 National Poetry Week features five days of activity including: WRITE, BUY, SHARE, LIVE and CELEBRATE Australian poetry, to raise the awareness, appreciation, and participation with this engaging art form.’ (Australian Poetry)

This is the week:

‘Monday, 5 September: WRITE Australian poetry day – A day devoted to the promotion of all Australian’s embracing their inner poet and writing……physically, spatially, digitally, privately, wildly!

Tuesday, 6 September: BUY Australian poetry day – A day devoted to the promotion of buying Australian poetry publications in all their forms: books, chapbooks, ebooks, journals, gift books.

Wednesday, 7 September: SHARE Australian poetry day – share the joy of Australian poetry in all its forms: at work, at home, at play, with friends, lovers, strangers, on a stage, in a library, on a train…..

Thursday, 8 September: LIVE Australian poetry day – be liberated to find poetry and the inspiration for poems in every part of life.

Friday, 9 September: CELEBRATE Australian poetry day – the joy of Australian poetry however you embrace it. This day should probably involve cake! ‘ (Australian Poetry)

This is one of the things you can do:

As part of the celebrations I would like to invite my regular readers to send me a poem and I will plop it on my blog (all things considered 😉 ). I would especially like to encourage the ‘non-poets’ among you to participate. You don’t have to be Australian either.

You can email me at gbryden at bigpond dot com with your poems.

C’mon, release the inner poet in you! 🙂