2011 National Poetry Week (presenting Stafford Ray)

Here we have 2 poems from the man who lives on a boat off the shores of Queensland (or parked somewhere) and who likes to write a good limerick and is known to agitate (often at the same time – he’s versatile like that – haha). He blogs over here. He got the images from somewhere.

Escape from Chivalry

The king was in his counting house,
Counting out his money;
The queen was in the parlour,
Eating bread and honey.

The Princess in her pink boudoir
Was trying on her dresses
When in came brother Ced-er-ic,
Full lips and blonded tresses.

He slipped his clothes off quick-er-ly
And ‘fore she could resist
Her newest lacy bodice was
Adorning Cedric’s chest.

Next, he took her flowing gown
And slipped it o’er his head.
Then her rich embroidered cape.
“It’s just not fair!” He said.

A silver tear escaped his eye,
While slipping on her pumps
“The leather, tin and mail we wear
Reduces us to frumps!”

Next he donned her feathered hat
While gazing at the glass.
And smiled in satisfaction
As he whispered, “You’ve got class!”

Then, turning on his patent heel
He called down for a horse.
“Side saddle, silver stirrups
And it must be grey, of course!”

So off they rode into the sun
The stable boy and he,
Holding hands so tenderly
In love, for all to see.

So over hill and dale they rode
Until Kings Cross they spied
And there they lived in happiness
Until the day they died.

Note: Kings Cross is the Gay Haven of ‘Sinney’, Australia.



Ditch the Witch!

Abbott would be our Prime Minister,
With tactics decidedly sinister,
No thought to the future,
The climate or nature,
Imagine the pain he’ll administer!


Thanks Stafford (now take the brown paper bag and run) 😉

18 thoughts on “Visiting Poems (Stafford Ray)

  1. That poem is so witty and hilarious, with no expected or forced lines. My children always liked books of feminist/fractured fairy tales as long as they weren’t too forced and kept the fun in the forefront which this certainly does. As for the second, I think I need to brush up on my Australian politics.

    1. Thanks squirrel – let’s just say, regarding the limerick, I think I know you well enough to know you would agree with the sentiment 😉 I touched on it briefly in my comment on your blog today (Julia is the Prime Minister with the unpopular carbon tax policy on the table; Tony Abbott is the opposition leader – and opposition if the key word).

  2. great wit and such fun. the titles took me right in and then wow! fun with politics always beats ranting ha ha. and the first one, i can see the whole scene unfold like a movie.
    just wonderful!

  3. Hahaha. Stafford never fails to stir things up in his inimitable manner.
    ‘reduces us to frumps’ *snort*
    Abbott as PM is like having Hannibal Lecter as your party planner; you always know there’s going to be blood on the dancefloor…..

    Stafford rules. He is a legend!

    1. That is a quotable quote you have made up about Abbott Selma (I might have to put it up on my quote of the moment – haha) – I asked Stafford to write a limerick about Abbott, and he did deliver 😉 He is a legend indeed.

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. “Hannibal Lecter as Selma’s party planner’! What a great line! And to you dear Gabrielle, a special thanks for promoting poetry and for including me in your list! XX

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