visiting poem (tipota)

visiting poem (tipota)

image by tipota

Today is the 3rd day of 2011 National Poetry Week so we are encouraged to:

‘SHARE Australian poetry day – share the joy of Australian poetry in all its forms: at work, at home, at play, with friends, lovers, strangers, on a stage, in a library, on a train…..’ (Australian Poetry)

I haven’t been following the instructions very well (there is a different activity evey day of National Poetry Week) and I have mainly been doing the SHARE part of it (though yesterday I did buy a number of poetry books for the BUY day).

Today I am sharing my friend tipota’s magical poem (cinderella eclipse) and image of the famous fairy tale shoe (isn’t it gorgeous 🙂 ).

cindarella eclipse

oh no moma i let go my shoe
i left it near the etherbody lying stillpink
outside the secret passage
the pumkin carriage was speeding off the exit
i ran
afraid of
animmit sparkles unpredictable wandwaves
and magic dust but
if i didnt catch the carriage it
would not fetch me home
i saw the horses morph to mice
powering down dust trails
and i jumped!

do not despair my dear stepdaughter
itsa C010r glass slipper it cant be soiled
at least not much
we will look for it tomorrow
when the day breaks
i promise you
now go to sleep

she heard a firewisp windy
ringaroundthemoon unfinished symphony
promising in whatever way
of searching

19 thoughts on “visiting poem (tipota)

  1. This is indeed a magical poem, with delightfully spun images in wild pursuit of one another – love the “etherbody lying stillpink”, “unpredictable wandwaves” and “firewisp windy” – and the shoe is fabulous – I’ll have some of what Tipota’s having, thanks, ha,ha

  2. i love the way you wrap words together here to warp our expectations of language. totally agree with bluebee, firewisp windy is just blindingly brilliant!

  3. Fantabulistic. From the opening line to the pumpkin carriage speeding off the exit to the sensational firewisp windy; this is a magical romp of epic proportions. Quirky, clever, and totally joyous!!

    1. in the real cinderella i think the stepmother was terrible, cruel etc. this one is cindArella 🙂 . the shoe is a secret, ha ha no it really is or was a painting from a photo that then was rephoto’d and reworked several different takes and then digitally enhanced to its current pristine state

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