Animal Olympics (Australia takes the lead)

Animal Olympics from Australia

Synchronised Pecking



Floor Gymnastics


Gymnastics (Beam)



Competitors: Emu, Humpback Whale, Gecko, Frog, Kangaroo,
Photography by human: Gabrielle Bryden
Spectator: Kookaburra

Location: Woodgate Beach, Hervey Bay, Queensland


Note: A repost :)

Poetry Challenge – Form and Style Assignment from W.H. Auden

Famous Anglo-American poet W.H. Auden once taught in the 92nd Street Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center (officially known as the New York City’s  92nd Street Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association).

Here is a copy of an assignment he gave to students, in January 1956, who were attending his ‘Form and Style in Poetry’ course.

Auden Assignment

Do you want to give it a go? ;)

I’d love to see what people come up with. If you feel the urge to complete the assignment you can email me (gbryden at bigpond dot com) the ‘result’ in the next couple of weeks and if it fits the bill I will post it on my blog.

I’ll throw my hat in the ring and then we can say we were taught by W.H. Auden :D




I want to be an astronaut!


is looking for astronauts.

where do I apply?

Now let’s think about that for a moment.

You don’t work well under pressure.
Your mathematics degree
got lost in the mail.
You’d have to work in close proximity
to a bunch of engineers!
You’d have to wear a nappy on the job.

Yeah, but how cool are those spacesuits.


This is a repost spurned on by astronomical conversations with my 12yo daughter – she is thinking of becoming an astronomer and that made me ponder my desire to be an astronaut.

Note: Image from Acobox

Note: NASA is really looking for astronauts (well they were a while back ;) )

Brolga (haiku)


Brolga family
meet in a field of long grass,
swaying in the wind


Note: The Brolga is also known as the Australian Crane and is a wetland bird species of Australia and New Guinea. This Brolga family was in the paddock next door to us – first time I had seen them in the wild.

Light it up blue (2015) – just around the corner!

WAD (click here)World Autism Awareness Day 2015 is nearly upon us (April 2nd) and that means it will be time to Light it Up Blue.

You can hop over here to obtain more information on ways to Light It Up Blue.

Stay tuned for further autism awareness information or you can check out my Autism Files for tips and information on the Autism Spectrum.