Quick Tip (Novelty Bag): The Autism Files

sensory seeking puppy 😉

sensory seeking puppy 😉

Quick Tip (Novelty Bag): The Autism Files

What do you do when the queue is too long and your child is getting agitated?

What do you do when there is a traffic jam and your child is in the back seat, squirming?

These are situations that can make all parents uneasy, but if you are the parent of a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) it can make your blood pressure rise as you wonder if the situation will get out of hand.

When agitation and stress increases in a child with ASD, you need to put a break in the circuit, otherwise a meltdown of epic proportions may occur. Continue reading

Kite Flying

 Woodgate Beach (click here)

Kite Flying

Shall I fly my kite of cherry red?

In the sand,
with string in hand
and seaside shirt
of blue and white
and cotton pants,
dancing, with the wind
taking the lead.

I’ve seen the dolphins
prance at sea,
they do the dive and jive
with the creamy foam-tipped
turquoise waves,
dancing to their own melody.

I shall fly my cherry red kite.