Lest We Forget (ANZAC Day)

A message from BeyondBlue

‘This ANZAC Day we’d like to remind all Australians to not only reflect on the sacrifices made, but offer support to all past and present defence personnel who may be traumatised by the psychological effects of war. Don’t suffer in silence – the bravest thing you can do is to seek support – post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is treatable and you can recover: bb.org.au/1OMYGa8

The Australian Defence Force has launched a new App, ‘High Res’, for serving and ex-serving ADF personnel to help manage PTSD and over time build resilience. You can download High Res for free from the App Store here: bb.org.au/1GdAlWC and Google Play here:’ bb.org.au/1Jj66Up


Animal families

molly and coRaspberry, Spirit, Pippin, Molly and Merlin

Got a shock yesterday when our gorgeous mini-goat Raspberry had a bit of an accident.

Andy the Great was out and about around the garden when he heard a strange sound. On investigation he found Raspberry flat on the ground underneath a portable but quite heavy steel fence. Raspberry had probably been nosing around the fence and knocked it over. Continue reading

Sunday Snaps (planes and trains)

the boy in the planethe boy is going places ;)

Avro Baby Mum’s just hanging around!

Bert Hinklers HouseHouse of the famous aviator Bert Hinkler

cane traintoot toot

all aboard tootall aboard

view from cane trainview from the sugar cane train

botanic gardensquackers

cane train 1Valdora (sugar cane train)


the old man and the parakeet

amore is dead long live amore

the old man and the parakeet

the parakeet squawks dis-ease
the owner is rusty and the cage old
the door is full and the bowl is open
the newspaper is stale and the seed is corrupt
the wings are cracked and the beak is clipped

the old man moans his shrinking world
the parakeet is mouldy and the house is deaf
the door is empty and the plate is closed
the phone is loud and the parakeet mute
the pain is not working and the drugs flare

it’s time said the parakeet to the old man