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Answers without Questions (Me)

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man at harmony with himself,
man with inner steel,
man with reverence for women,

woman with a funny bone,
woman with compassion,
woman with an ear for the music.

I have flexibility,
like a sloth, I adapt to branch structure,
as long as I can get enough sleep
within the chaos of this zoo, called life.

Friends are best loyal and honest
(though a sprinkling of white lies
can be like hundreds and thousands on buttered bread).

I have a main(s) fault but I’m waiting
for the plumber to come and fix it
boom, boom
he’s very handy is my plumber
Handy Andy is his name;
I married a plumber,
a plumber I married,
a beer plumber he turned out to be,
now that’s what I call handy.

My favourite occupation
would be to jam in syncopation,
with musos of all persuasions
and be paid for my deliverations.

harmony, peace, shalom,
freedom from strife

Were they happy days
when my children were born?
They were transcendental!

Misery is an everyday
inconsolable, prisoner of insoluble despair,
sitting on the couch with the curtains closed
waiting for the lights to go out

If I was not myself
I would be Stephen Fry,
without the fame
without the dangly bits,
I would be Stephanie Fry!

I would like to live
on the side of a mountain
in a self-sustainable commune,
but, without the hard work.

Red (with blue undertones)
is the tempered fighter in my soul,
the favoured one in the spectrum.

I love a tulip
cool and collected

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s
The Little Prince
superbe story
for me.

Homer, Shakespeare
(if that is who they really are)
poetic genii

My mind is in the state
of misty disarray,
dysphoria and joy.

Toleration I do have
for many faults and failings
but dipsomania is the one
that leads the pack,
taking all considerations.

If my children were possessions,
the most treasured possession they would be
but we don’t own our offspring
so photos of my children, it must be.

My greatest extravagance
is a piano I bought in advance
of learning to play
the damn thing in a way
that makes others long to sing and dance.

If I had a secret indulgence
and you asked me what it was
I would happily respond
That’s for me to know and you to find out.


lizard haiku


still lizard

catching some rays –

resting log

Rain Haiku

violet dreams

Grey Babbler
resonates with the rain,
together crooning

Hat tip to Basho

silent frog,
the sound of waiting
for dinner

Duckling (Haiku)


of brand new ducklings,
quite a handful

The Bell Curve



The Bell Curve

I am yet to meet a normal person,

a person who is balanced and dancing
in the middle of all bell curves,

so today I am declaring that

I’m at variance with variance,
of the flat paper variety.

Despite what the doctor says,
bell curve normality
is a statistical anomaly
that could use a restrictive diet.

Do you know what happens when bell curves
meet for a drink on Friday night?
They merge salubrious-ly into 3d,

beer goggles aside,

spheres emerge, octopus like
with endless slender legs,


morphing into flesh and blood
human beings.

I retain the right to retract my variance
on meeting a normal person.


Just in case you don’t know, the bell curve is the statistical normal distribution and variance is the measure of variation from the mean of the distribution. Those who vary too far from the mean are considered far from normal 😉

blue world shines (haiku schmaiku)


a healthy frog,
window of opportunity
is closing

Manuscript development masterclass (Hard Copy)


‘To stop me from having to work the streets at night, I spend a few hours each week coordinating HARDCOPY, an Australia Council-funded program for emerging Australian writers.

The program leads 30 writers through an intensive manuscript-development masterclass, 3 days of industry seminars, and an opportunity to hear feedback from high-level agents and publishers.

Please share the poster as appropriate, so the leather chaps can stay in the cupboard…for a few more months at least.’

This has been an announcement from the wonderful Nigel Featherstone  😊



Puggle to Echidna


Puggle to Echidna

Egg shelter ruptured
exposing nubble,

putty smooth, pink
vulnerable puggle.

Tiny claws and snout,
hurry up, we’re waiting,

for spines to emerge,
prickly armour-plating.

The spiny covered puggle
is now called an echidna,

a coat so very sharpish
their habits – an enigma.

Naive predators approach,
they haven’t got a clue,

piercing of a probing nose
will change their point of view.

A puggle is a hapless morsel,
tasty dingo meal;

huddling echidna in a ball –
that’s no real meal appeal!


Photo: Short beaked echidna spiny anteater tachyglossus aculeatus by Allan Whittome (public domain photo)

Note: A puggle is a baby monotreme (echidna or platypus)

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