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Willy Wagtail chick in spring

baby willy wagtail 007 (2)

Yesterday I was outside and a Willy Wagtail kept flitting around my head, until I realised there was a new new chick nearby and the parents were warding me off their bubba. Both parents were very attentive with the fledgling. I was very impressed 😍


Willy Wagtail

fledgling chick in springtime,

flitting here and there

baby willy wagtail 013 (2)

On a rooftop

the fledgling suns in spring,

vigilant parents

baby willy wagtail 024 (2)

innocent fledgling,

the dangers of the hawk

do not yet exist

Campaign Trail

Campaign Trail

The politics of barnstorming:

Stunt flying in carnival skies,
country fairs and starry eyes.

Political speeches, theatrical lies,
white teeth lectures in pomade disguise.

Parachute jumping into alien towns,
tall tale faking and face painted frowns.

Sympathetic grunting and reflective sounds,
all of these abound in barnstorming grounds.

Send in the clowns.


Note: I took the photo of the red bi-plane at the Wide Bay International Airshow 🙂 There is nothing much better than a red bi-plane.

Bottlebrush (haiku)


rainbow lorikeet 2011

rainbow lorikeets

love the red bottlebrush,

in spring they partake



collection of red

bottlebrush on show in spring,

lorikeets enjoy



Bottlebrush (genus Callistemon)

Photos by Gabrielle Bryden


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