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Puggle to Echidna


Puggle to Echidna

Egg shelter ruptured
exposing nubble,

putty smooth, pink
vulnerable puggle.

Tiny claws and snout,
hurry up, we’re waiting,

for spines to emerge,
prickly armour-plating.

The spiny covered puggle
is now called an echidna,

a coat so very sharpish
their habits – an enigma.

Naive predators approach,
they haven’t got a clue,

piercing of a probing nose
will change their point of view.

A puggle is a hapless morsel,
tasty dingo meal;

huddling echidna in a ball –
that’s no real meal appeal!


Photo: Short beaked echidna spiny anteater tachyglossus aculeatus by Allan Whittome (public domain photo)

Note: A puggle is a baby monotreme (echidna or platypus)

OCD Logic (Part 2)


No items are found out of place;
20 inches each side of the vase.
No angles are left to be turned;
The dust never settles; it’s spurned.
No books will be left upside down
Or magazines scattered around.
The photos are sorted and stored;
To display would be striking discord.
For with no correct categorisation
What’s left – sheer abomination.
The walls painted white floor to ceiling;
Too much colour would be so revealing.
The display of the personal articles
Will dismantle the person to particles:
The teeth, the hair and the feet
Bring forth notions that we are but meat.
Existentialist angst is intrusive;
Must clean to make it conducive.
To sort and to file is to calm,
To primp and to preen is to balm.

but the real          world                   is messy                            and cluttered
it’s chaotic       it’s jumbled              it’s smelly
it’s unpredictable                       not tidy but dirty
it’s muddled                   disordered                 and disarrayed
just like this last          rhyme
but                                                      that is                                      OK


look messy chicks – how wonderful!
(this is an old photo – we haven’t got new chicks)

OCD Logic


My parents divorced when I was five;
I swore never to eat another tomato.

I  line up condiments and cutlery, never
step on the cracks, and everything


I will check that the stove is off,
once, twice, thrice and again.

I will touch wood lightly
four times, before speaking.

a place for everything
and everything in its place

the house is neat and clean,
but the weather outside is wild,

the house is neat and clean,
and I am calm inside.

I grew tired of matching the colours
of pegs on the line,

so now I use
a clothes dryer.

I will not eat a tomato;
my parents are still apart.


Note: The ‘I’ is the sum of many people (my poems are not always about me).

Nuddernote: OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

cog or a dat (haiku)


branching out,
a cavalier considers
itself a cat

See you next year 😍

christmas molly 049
Happy New Year

2015 was a good year 😊

Nobody close, of the human variety, has died #alwaysgood

(we won’t mention Amore or Edgar Allen Poe or the long gone mice)

I have re-entered the workforce after many years: worked as a parole officer for a few months and then got some part-time work as a researcher at Uni in a gambling laboratory.

I trained as a volunteer telephone crisis counsellor and have been doing that in my spare time – makes me appreciate my life.

I was awarded a scholarship to do my PhD in psychology; and begin that journey in January #eek

The children are growing up fast and are becoming independent people. My son is now taller than my husband and my daughter is not far behind.

My husband has built more fences and weeded more fields than you could imagine; and the beasties are doing well.

I have even written the occasional poem #woops

Wishing you all the best for 2016 and thanks for stopping by the bloggy blog blog 🎇🎆✴🎆🎇





gold (haiku)

DSC_0369 (800x731)

no pot of gold,
but there are treasures
at rainbow’s end


Molly Christmas

Molly Christmas (2)

Have a happy Christmas #hohoho


peace and a found harmony

frog in watering can 024 (800x530)

Frog Music (haiku)

green tree frog sounds
the baseline for harmony –
tuned into the rain,

frog in watering can 023 (800x693)

The Little Falcon (haiku)


wingspan alarm,
the little falcon observes
prey disappear

little falcon G Bryden
The Little Falcon (photo by Gabrielle Bryden)

Note: The Little Falcon is also known as The Australian Hobby

What day is it?

It’s the school holidays #yay


 What are you doing in the basket Molly?


It is summer and things are heating up #sizzle

green tree snake 002

Some like to slither in the sun #hiss

frogs in space - Copy

There are frogs in space #eek


and Sheba is very unimpressed #sigh


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