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Bottlebrush (haiku)


rainbow lorikeet 2011

rainbow lorikeets

love the red bottlebrush,

in spring they partake



collection of red

bottlebrush on show in spring,

lorikeets enjoy



Bottlebrush (genus Callistemon)

Photos by Gabrielle Bryden


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Happy birthday in heaven Mum (2017)


mums tree 2017 001 (2)

A Tree to Remember

1st of September,
Spring in Australia
thinks it’s summer.

Birthday tree,
sapling Norfolk Island Pine
begins the journey

to remember
my late mother,
treasure in my eyes.

Rain, wind, salt and heat
pray on hard scaly leaves,
majesty in growth.







mum's tree 2016


Today is the first day of spring (and my late mother’s birthday) here in the sub-tropics of Australia. Every year I take a photo of the tree with my daughter to see how much they are both growing 😉

Note: Mum passed away on the 3rd of October 2010 and I planted the Norfolk Island Pine in 2013.

Drunken Cumquats


Cumquat harvest at winter’s end in the sub-tropics of Australia

Cumquat harvest (2) - Copy

August fruit

cumquat liqueur 006 (2)

Cumquat Liqueur


drunken cumquats –

at winter’s end the cumquats

celebrate harvest



winter (haiku)


nearing winter’s end,

cattle glow in the late sun

waiting for spring

The End is Nigh


No, it’s not the end of the world as we know it (though I am finding it hard to recognise anymore, what with all the crazy leaders around).

It’s the end of the ducky apocalypse.

Not that long ago we had an accidental flock of Muscovy ducks rampaging around the property.



Now there are but two ☹

two ducks (2)

What happened?

Somewhere out there is a very fat fox 😒

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo (haiku)


cockatoo flight with

flashes of red hot fervour,

Spanish dancer

Red Dragonfly (haiku)


 red dragonfly

hovering with lucid wings,

a revelation


pulpit of optimism


An optimist was drinking from a glass half-full, while dispensing unwanted advice from a half-baked motivational book, stating ‘you cannot analyse love, it just is’ with patronising voice. Another optimist turned off the television while proclaiming ‘there’s too much bad news on the telly’ like it’s just on the telly. And yet another optimist sucked down a foul tasting placebo from the placebo shop and stated ‘it must be good for you if it tastes this bad’.

deep breath

Some other deluded optimists were heard to say things like:

the seas can’t rise and the temperature has always been variable,
she’ll be right mate,
I’m sure there’s an explanation for the bruises, we don’t want to upset the parents,
we’ll love each other forever,
he just drinks this much when going through a bad patch, it’s been that sort of year,
I know he killed the cat but he must have had a good reason,
Father O’Riley would never do that!
We have too much legislation, companies will do the right thing,
he’s been brought up well, good kids don’t do drugs,
you can’t go to jail if you’re not guilty,
my grandfather smoked ’till he was 90, never did him no harm.


She smiled with that yellow sunflower type of smile that makes you want to vomit and said ‘I’m a glass half-full kinda person’.

‘Yeah, I wouldn’t drink that shit if I was you,’ said the pessimist in me.

winter haiku

Admiral - Copy (2)

dreaming of warm

spring air and scented blossoms,

wrapped in the quilt


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