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Frog Fast Food Factory

Dear Lord, thank you for the frog fast food factory

Frog Fast-Food Factory

I happened upon this bug catcher,
a wondrous cage of light
in downtown veranda-villa,
sparking up most every night.

There is a family, they flick a switch,
the cage lights up, so sweet.
The bug-eyed bugs, too mesmerised,
are zapped and ready to eat.

The electricity, it does its job
the moths and flies, deceased,
with a flavour slightly BBQ’d
they become a sumptuous feast,

for frogs of all persuasions,
it’s an easy, laid back affair,
care of the fast-food factory
for us frogs, without a care.


frog fast-food factory
Stay away from my bugs!

Memory Lane

Archiving some photos for the Memory Bank 🙂

A while ago now, but worth remembering (Burkes Backyard Magazine, March 2009)
Michael’s super duper sunflowers!
‘smile and the world smiles with you …’
Andy the Great with his son Michael’s Super Sunflowers!
Yes, very tall they were!
Where’s the ball Jazz?
Do you want to play too Bruno?
One of you will have to be the umpire
That game of tennis was a dog’s breakfast – I’m off!
Emu’s are just plain rude (and scary)!


Have you ever wondered what a dog dreams about?


haiku (dog)

sleeping dog snoring

so loud we all share in part

but ponder the dreams

Haiku (dogs)


long ears always fall

in the dog bowl at dinner –

a bun anyone?

Wilds of Woodgate

Goanna by Gabrielle Bryden


Wilds of Woodgate

Garrulous Goanna canters
the perimeter of fence,
with a predators glare.

Gigantic spiders stalk
silently up high, waiting
to parachute the unsuspecting.

Brazen bull sharks close to shore
after rain, raise adrenaline
with water slicing fins.

Boxing kangaroos spar
for the girls, grunting,
showing off like Muhammad Ali.

Snakes from the shadows
appear with fangs at the ready,
like Dracula with a raging thirst.

Emus surprise with in your face attitude
and a Jackie Chan kick,
that could do your head in.

How about a day release
from heaven, Steve Irwin?
I need to borrow a crocodile hunter.


Boxing Kangaroos by Gabrielle Bryden
Emu by Gabrielle Bryden

Note: this is a re-post from when we lived in a small seaside village called Woodgate – backing onto a national park. I am reminded of this poem because some predator is disappearing my ducks (and killed my last chook) 😭 Soon I won’t be able to call myself Feathers McGee.

Rainbow Lorikeet (haiku)

rainbow lorikeet –
colourful character
matching plumage

cheeky lorikeets –
colours of the circus,
hyperactive clowns

Molly (haiku for a sick dog)


belly growling,

the puppy contemplates

the sound of hunger


Molly has not been well – very anxious and barking at shadows – her tummy is causing her pain because of a bug (probably something she ate in the paddocks). I thought it might be all psychological but the vet thinks it’s mainly the bug (we’ll wait and see).

She had to go 24 hours without food (hence the haiku) and then a bland, home cooked diet for 10 days and a course of antibiotics. She is not a happy camper.

Something has scared her as well, because she refuses to go outside and will come running back inside when I take her out for her bathroom run. I have to use her lead to ‘force’ her to stay outside until she has done the business. I have seen a ginormous eagle or kite near the house recently – maybe that has put her on edge – and there are always snakes about.

Plus, one of our ducks was killed yesterday, by some unknown predator.

What is going on?

Walls Come Tumbling Down

Building walls is so last century ☹

peace and a found harmony (frog music)

frog in watering can 024 (800x530)

green tree frog sounds
the baseline for harmony –
tuned into the rain

frog in watering can 023 (800x693)

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