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Floral Artistry


Floral Artistry

Mixing it up
for the birthday basket,
flowers, and what have you.

Creating desire
in the single
long-stemmed rose.

Matching the occasion,
weddings, parties
any blooming thing.

Mending fractures
with mixed bouquet and feelings,
after the falling out.

Meeting expectations
with boutonnière formality
and corsage constraints.

Wakening us to the clock
with crafted funeral flowers,

a limit to style and colour.

Sounds of Rain


tin roof makes raucous
the clatter of rain

turning up the volume
on stark imaginings

machine gun fire
terse lull
machine gun fire

shredding peace,

better to walk
with the rain

listen and feel
leaves, sand and dimpled sea
embrace the rain
in accord

a song
with softer notes

takes the edge off,

creating harmony.

Espaces négatifs en art – negative spaces in art

Coup de pinceau

L’espace négatif est ce qui entoure un objet, ce qui est de l’autre côté de la ligne de contour. C’est une manière de voir différente, on regarde en général le sujet, l’objet, et non l’espace qui est autour. Une fois le déclic effectué, cette nouvelle manière de voir aide beaucoup pour le dessin, mais aussi aide à percevoir les choses en général d’un autre point de vue. Penser en dehors de la boîte.

Negative space is the space on the other side of the contour line, surrounding an object. It is a new way to look. Generally we look at the subject, the object, and not at the surrounding space. Once the switch is made, this new way to look helps a lot for drawing, but also to perceive things in general from an other point of view. Thinking outside the box.

Ci-dessous, travaux fait par les participants, en dehors…

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Cyclone Season

Cyclone Season

Cyclone season in summer Queensland,
it happens every year,

warnings from the weather
people, be prepared

emergency kit on standby
waiting for action, like Qantas passengers,

in limbo, waiting for CEO’s
to come down from their clouds,

torch, batteries, drinking water
radio, tarpaulin …

stock up on gaffer tape for windows,
the house will be taken hostage,

clean up your yards, the cyclone
picks up everything, not tied down,

garden furniture, children’s toys
playthings for cyclone winds,

picked up and whirlwind twirled,
on nature’s best show ride,

reeling in the Cha Cha or Rocknroll,
dizzy in the fastest roller coaster on the coast,

listen for radio warnings,
the siren might be howling, beware,

be prepared, always a good idea,
but before it comes, you can always run.


Note: The map shows cyclone activity in Australia in the past 150 years (looks like Australia on a bad hair day 😉) produced by the Australian Government (Emergency Management for Schools website). The further North you are the more likelihood of cyclones.


Nuddernote: there is a huge cyclone about to impact way up north of us – glad we are nowhere near – but thinking of everyone up near Bowen.


Arson’s Law



deliberately lit

the heat is on


bush fire arsonist

Australia’s most wanted



A cliché

public enemy number one

too true blue



punishment to fit the crime

burn baby burn

haiku (summer’s end)

DSC_0253 (800x530)

train horn wails

we long for the rain

at summer’s end


We’ve just had the hottest, driest summer on record in this part of the world. Summer is normally the wet season in the sub-tropics of Australia, so it has been strange not getting the afternoon storms and heavy bursts of rain. The grass is like straw and cracks underfoot. The wildlife is skulking closer and closer to the house at night, to nibble at our lawn and have a drink of water. Please rain 😒

snake (haiku)


at summers end

a sea snake surprises,

then disappears

Frog Fast Food Factory

Dear Lord, thank you for the frog fast food factory

Frog Fast-Food Factory

I happened upon this bug catcher,
a wondrous cage of light
in downtown veranda-villa,
sparking up most every night.

There is a family, they flick a switch,
the cage lights up, so sweet.
The bug-eyed bugs, too mesmerised,
are zapped and ready to eat.

The electricity, it does its job
the moths and flies, deceased,
with a flavour slightly BBQ’d
they become a sumptuous feast,

for frogs of all persuasions,
it’s an easy, laid back affair,
care of the fast-food factory
for us frogs, without a care.


frog fast-food factory
Stay away from my bugs!

Memory Lane

Archiving some photos for the Memory Bank 🙂

A while ago now, but worth remembering (Burkes Backyard Magazine, March 2009)
Michael’s super duper sunflowers!
‘smile and the world smiles with you …’
Andy the Great with his son Michael’s Super Sunflowers!
Yes, very tall they were!
Where’s the ball Jazz?
Do you want to play too Bruno?
One of you will have to be the umpire
That game of tennis was a dog’s breakfast – I’m off!
Emu’s are just plain rude (and scary)!


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