Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth


BrolgasJune2018 020 (4)
photo by Gabrielle Bryden

We have been blessed to have Brolgas visit us recently – they are one of Australia’s largest flying birds standing about 1 metre tall and a wingspan of up to 2.4 metres. It’s a bit like watching an emu fly – which would be very strange 🤔


Brolgas in the sun,

watching with admiration

the wings of angels

Bottlebrush (haiku)

Bottlebrush (haiku)


rainbow lorikeet 2011

rainbow lorikeets

love the red bottlebrush,

in spring they partake



collection of red

bottlebrush on show in spring,

lorikeets enjoy



Bottlebrush (genus Callistemon)

Photos by Gabrielle Bryden


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