Happy 18th Michael💝

Happy 18th Michael💝

Molly and Michael (2)

dog-napping Darth Vader style

Wow, our son is an adult!

Eighteen years old today – happy birthday Michael.

How did that happen 😍💥😁

So proud of Michael – he’s nearly finished his year 12 schooling (one term to go) and he is coping magnificently with life, learning and all things that go with growing up. In fact, I think he may be the most chilled year 12 student around. He has the right philosophy you see – an appreciation that life requires a good balance between work, other boring stuff, play, family, and study. He is also blessed with a very good heart and that is my definition of success in this gritty world of ours.

Love you to the end of the universe and back Michael (and any alternative universes) 💖💥

Michaels 18th