Poem published in Divan Poetry Journal

‘No Straight Lines in Nature’

My poem ‘No Straight Lines in Nature‘ was sucked into the space time vortex πŸ˜‰ and re-emerged twice for breath.

Well it took nearly three years but the poem was accepted for publication in the Divan Poetry Journal in 2010 (sent in November 2009), has finally seen the light of day in Edition 8 of Divan Poetry Journal!

I had given up hope of hearing from the editors of Divan and had an edited version of the poem (and new title) published in Verity La – you may remember.

The Divan Poetry Journal Issue 8 has suffered numerous delays according to Editor, Dr Earl Livings at Boxhill Institute of TAFE (including State government cuts to the TAFE system and software issues).

Never mind.

It’s here now and you can pop over and read the first version of the poem here.

I originally wrote the poem for Paul Squires (who often waxed lyrical about the non-linear nature of time) and it seems appropriate that the poem has been on such a convoluted trip to publication (and note the poem was published in Divan on the 26th of July – so close to the anniversary of his death on the 28th of July).

Divan has published some pretty famous poets in previous editions (eg., Pam Brown, Ali Alizadeh,Β  Chris Wallace-Crabbe) so I am honoured to be included in the contributors list.Β  A thankyou to Editor Earl Livings (and no thanks to the State Government cuts in funding πŸ˜‰ ).

36 thoughts on “Poem published in Divan Poetry Journal

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  1. Maybe in about….3 years or so ,when I have more linear time I will come by and congratulate you, who knows????

    Wonderful poem!

  2. Another of your poems that I really enjoy – congrats, Gabe. I was asked by a phd student in whose research I am participating about the non-linear aspect of time spent on digital networks but I find I can’t really think of time in anything other than linear terms – there’s never enough of it, no matter how I perceive it!

    1. hahaha – no, never enough time bluebee – but time travel in the blogosphere is not that hard to understand – if you are still blogging in a few years time I will take you aboard my blogging TARDIS πŸ˜‰ woohoo – I am like an elephant who has an excellent long term memory – haha

  3. Gabrielle, I can see why they published it. It was an amazing piece. Reminded me of a flute sonata I used to play, all angles and unexpected directions. Something which will have to go on my fridge for a while to read and re-read.

  4. sometimes good works need long time to blossom.
    \or sth like that ;).
    better late than never, i know that feeling, waiting for a publication that said ‘yes’ and then collapse. glad you had a god ending

  5. It does seem appropriate it had such a convoluted journey. It got there in the end as it should. Congratulations, Gabe. I am so pleased for you!

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