It’s a Dog’s Life

I am not a cat (get your tail out of my face you traitor to dogdom)
Sheba having an identity crisis!
‘dog dreaming of being a cat’ by Benedicte Delachanal

Artist Benedicte Delachanal has done a sketch of Sheba dreaming of a catdog existence – thanks Ben 🙂

The blue ball point pen is making a comeback, if you didn’t know 😉

Woof! Meow! zzzzzzzz

Listen to me esteemed pack leader – did you really have to show that photo of me with the shaved coat – how embarrassment!


26 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life

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    1. No, not in trouble Aletha (they like having short hair, though they hate the process of grooming) – Jazz and Sheba have the sibling rivalry thing going on (that’s Sheba’s shaved tail next to Jazz’s head in the first photo – she’s talking to Sheba 😉 ). There’s always something to feel guilty about when raising dogs and kids – are there ears clean enough, is their food healthy enough, are their bums clean enough – haha

    1. Ooh lovely – a chocolate Labrador (my daughter would be very jealous – even though she has too adorable doodles to play with – never enough dogs for kids 😉 ). You will have to post some photos of the puppy Martin! I love that last photo too with the sun streaming on her soft wool.

    1. hahaha – I think her nose might look bigger in the photos than it does in real life Kate (it is a lovely nose though – all black and wet). Jazz has the most wonderful temperament – she loves everyone and will lean on anyone who gets close to her – even strangers – it’s an invitation to ear tickle and tummy rub 🙂 – she is quite heavy which makes the leaning quite amusing as the person starts to give way under the weight – she also likes to sit on everyone’s feet while leaning (so they can’t get away – hahaha).

  1. Well, when the pack leader changes her gravatar so often, it’s to be expected 😉 Great photos – love the pic of Tessa with all her cuddlies – sweet 🙂

    1. bwhahahaha, gigglesnort – newspaper headlines reads ‘frequent gravatar changing induces identity crisis in pet labradoodle – owner to be fined by RSPCA’ 😉 Tessa loves her stuffed dogs (it’s my fault – I can’t resist them) and won’t let me pack them away because they will feel claustrophobic and unloved 😉

  2. It sure is Gabe… my old boy is nearly 17, so it’s pretty much eat, walk (or very slowly stroll), sleep, poop & piddle… but he still has so much love in him… am sure that is what keeps him going!

  3. LOL ! My Foodle ( poodle x foxy) definitely thinks she’s a cat, and our actual cat is the alpha-male dog pack leader – even though she’s a girl, and you know, a cat !! Animals are very odd in our household. They fit in well

    1. Bwhahahaha – your foodle has been outfoxed by ze cat! Heirarchies are strange things and they can change over time too – Sheba used to be the top dog and now Jazz is (which is how it should have been in the first place given that Jazz is much bigger than Sheba) – thanks for stopping by Lisa 🙂

  4. I love this so much. It has really tickled me. The sketch of dreaming of being a cat is beyond brilliant and which one is the soft toy on the bed? LOL.

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