A boy and a dog called Jazzy

A boy and a dog called Jazzy

A boy and a dog called Jazzy

Best friends
can be short or tall
bright or quiet
booky or sporty
anything at all
mine just happens to be
a goofy, woolly
poodly, woodly
type beastie
with a coat of gold
soft as marshmallows
melting in the camp fire
pinkest tongue
cool wet nose
that reminds me when
a hug is due
boofy head
that rests on my legs
like I’m the best pillow
following me from room to room
my loyal shadow
liquid eyes
of chocolate brown
forever sad
even when eating
but a shaggy, waggy tail
a heart filled with happy
jazzy, fizzy stuff
that bubbles all around me
tickling me with love.


Note: A repost 🙂

16 thoughts on “A boy and a dog called Jazzy

  1. Lovely bouncy poem abut a great kid and his dog, but I do have a problem with the photo. There is something missing.

    Jazzy is clearly a dog with a soul,
    Who’d never do whizzies on tree or phone pole.
    But did you, just possibly,
    Fear for his modesty,
    And air brush all signs of his doggy a-a-a- bottom?

  2. This is so cute. Poodly woodly. There is nothing like the love of a dog. They love you for life. What a feelgood, uplifting poem!

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