Sunflower Power and Happy Day Snaps

Sunflower Power and Happy Day Snaps

Archiving some photos for the Memory Bank πŸ™‚

A while ago now, but worth remembering (Burkes Backyard Magazine, March 2009)
Michael’s super duper sunflowers!
‘smile and the world smiles with you …’
Andy the Great with his son Michael’s Super Sunflowers!
Yes, very tall they were!
Where’s the ball Jazz?
Do you want to play too Bruno?
One of you will have to be the umpire
That game of tennis was a dog’s breakfast – I’m off!
Emu’s are just plain rude (and scary)!


21 thoughts on “Sunflower Power and Happy Day Snaps

  1. Those are serious sunflowers, Gabrielle. Our SW has a tiny sunflower that she’s looking forward to planting out in the garden. If only we had some sun, though.

    1. haha – you know what it was partly about Martin – he planted the sunflower seeds in our vege patch which I had removed most of the veges, so there were the perfect conditions for the sunflower seeds (fertiliser, compost etc.,) – plus a lot of water from the boy and love and attention πŸ˜‰ I remember trying to grow them when I was a kid and the result was ziltch!

  2. Crikey, Gabrielle, letter of the month! Fantastic – well done Michael, and thanks for the injection of brilliant sunshine and flowers which I really needed….still raining here…

  3. Those sunflowers are mega. I love them. How beautiful. I also love that you have an emu just wallking around. You live in such a great spot. Michael is a gardener extraordinaire!

    1. The emus are amazing and only come into town occasionally (which is just as well!). It is a beautiful place though a bit too far from civilisation at times – can’t complain πŸ™‚

  4. I think Queensland is a great place to grow sunflowers – I threw some birdseed in the garden and a month later (ok, maybe a little longer) I had sunflowers that reached the eaves!
    Lovely family photos, thanks for sharing

    1. That’s great Kirstie – the seed I give my chickens also sprouts into all sorts of things, though they tend to eat the sprouts before they get a chance to turn into something recognisable.

  5. Thanks for sharing these Gabe. Such great shots. Loving how your gravatar is changing so often lately too!

    1. Thanks Dhyan – all taken in 2009 (my photo collection is a complete mess and needs some organising time before I accidently delete them all – used to print heaps but not anymore)

  6. Are they normal size or incredibly big? Anyway they are beautiful, bravo Michael.
    And I love the look of your dog in the last picture, does not understant why you choose Snowy over him!

    1. They are incredibly big Ben πŸ˜‰ -normally they are about 5/6 foot but these are twice that size (may have been a big variety but the fertilised soil helped a lot – he planted them in the vege patch when normally they would go in a flower bed). Sheba will have her turn – haha – Snowy is getting a look in because ‘I want to live a cartoon life’ πŸ™‚ and I just love Snowy too (have some soft toys of him – haha – not to mention some figurines).

  7. Mutant sunflowers! (Have you checked if they glow in the dark? :-)) Well done, Michael! Soon, the farmers will be lining up asking for your secrets. These are wonderful photos, Gabe – and that last one of Sheba, too funny

    1. Oops, you mean he shouldn’t have used the radioactive fertilizer we got from nukesRus πŸ˜‰ – they do look a bit mutant – haha. Sheba looks hilarious when she has short hair – such serious and non-impressed looking eyes.

    1. Sheba always looks serious (except when she is smiling – which she can do on command if she has the energy and is in a good mood – if I can ever catch it on video I will put it on the blog – her smile looks like a crazy dog is about to attack – grrrh).

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