Dr Sheldon Cooper and Aspergers

Dr Sheldon Cooper and Aspergers

The Big Bang Theory

I love the television comedy The Big Bang Theory.

At first, after seeing promos of the show, I thought it looked pretty stupid. But changed my mind when I watched a couple of episodes. I was hooked and thought it hilarious with brilliant script writing.

The main character Dr Sheldon Cooper has all the traits of someone with Aspergers Syndrome (not that it is ever mentioned on the show). You could say the volume control on his aspieness has been turned up for comedic effect.

The actor Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon is an absolute scream and has won numerous accolades for his portrayal of the genius theoretical particle physicist. He has the body language down pat and I can see my son, who has High Functioning Autism or Aspergers, in his mannerisms.

There is a huge number of people with Aspergers who are fans of The Big Bang Theory. The shows producers and writers are obviously getting it right.

Here are a couple of clips from Youtube if you are interested. There is also a clip of Dr Tony Attwood (world’s leading expert on Aspergers Syndrome) answering a couple of questions from people with Aspergers. Dr Attwood delves into the issue of Aspergian masks (pretending to be neurotypical) which is fascinating.

Watch them all, watch one, watch none – your choice.


ps. you have to click where it says ‘watch on youtube’ to watch these clips as they are not embedded on my blog 😉

22 thoughts on “Dr Sheldon Cooper and Aspergers

  1. This is a great blog post. Aspergers Syndrome is certainly not always funny if you or those you know are living with it, but it’s still funny the way Sheldon does it. Raising awareness like you are here is a great thing to be doing, I congratulate you!

    1. Thanks Carolyn 🙂 There’s a lot of fun stuff with aspies (and they also have their moments – depends who it is I am sure) – my son cracks me up all the time (once I told him it was aspegers awareness day and he said ‘at last I’m getting the respect I deserve’ – hahaha.

    1. I didn’t Rick – thanks heaps (I have heard of dogs for kids with ASD but not that org.) – great idea (who wouldn’t be popular with a gorgeous labradore coming to school with them – haha).

  2. Hi Gabrielle. I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory. I love Dr Sheldon Cooper’s character. It is played to perfection and I love the clever script writing. I thank you for all your information about Aspergers Syndrome; I have learnt so much from your information and llnks. I love these Youtube links.

    1. Thanks Helen – you have good taste – hahaha 🙂 My friend Jane gave me a link to one video and then I realised how many their were on youtube, so I just had to have a good look (and laugh).

  3. I’ve never watched The Big Bang Theory but a lot of people tell me it’s really good. I’m going to give it a go now because it looks pretty funny. Thanks for the vids!

  4. I had a bit to do with a guy with Aspergers and this hit the spot. Not in detail, but in the sorts of exchanges that would happen. The trick was to just keep it going on HIS pathway and it was fun, but serious too. And as in this clip, he was super smart in his areas of interest..

  5. Hey, I was just enjoying an episode of Big Bang Theory which I’ve recently fallen in love with and, realising Sheldon has many aspie qualities, I googled it and found your blog. Great blog. I think in many ways this is a great show for those with aspergers as Sheldon in many ways makes the thought processes of those on the autism spectrum understandable to those who are not. Anyway = just my tuppenthworth! x

    1. I agree Charlotte (and thanks for stopping by 🙂 ) – he also likeable in his unique way, though incredibly frustrating for his friends – they still accept him the way he is.

  6. I love BBT. my son is Apergers, although he does not know it. But he knows he’s different. I realized when he was 3, that he would do great things for the world, in research/science…and then this program. It all comes together. My husband and I watch and its like seeing our 10 year old in a 30 year old form. Its hard to bite ones lip constantly, but what else can you do..they are not gonna change. LOVE Sheldon.

  7. I have Asperger’s syndrome and adore this show, as well as my boyfriend whom I strongly believe has it. We share a mutual alienation from most people, but identify with Sheldon and I an see the funny side of ‘normal’ people’s exasperation with Sheldon or the ‘odd’ things he (or I) would say.

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