pensée (thought)


pensive faces
sun warms earth and flowers
smiles begin to glow


Note: the name pansy is derived from the French, pensée (thought)

23 thoughts on “pensée (thought)

  1. A lovely poem Gabrielle. I love pansies but I don’t think I can ever think of them being just flowers anymore. I will see their little faces and wonder what they are thinking about.

    • They may be talking about us behind our backs Helen – haha – ‘what’s that silly woman smiling about!’ grumble, grumble ‘and why is this dirt so gritty’ ‘ooh, I think I can feel a nasty worm tickling my roots’ 😉

    • Thanks Ben – I love the Captain Haddock avatar too (it’s actually a photo of a cake/biscuit that someone made – I nicked it off the internet – will have to change it soon before I get sued by Herge incorporated – hehehe). Pansies are right up there with sunflowers for making me smile.

    • They do look like cranky little buggers Stafford (but that was too many syllables – hahahaha) Thanks Stafford – my Captain Haddock face is making up for the cranky face stuff 😉 – blistering barnacles!

  2. I’ve thought that about pansies too – sometimes they seem a little pensive. But the sun has such power to cheer us. I loved this, Gabe!

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