A Creative Vision: A Solar Field of Dreams

A Creative Vision: A Solar Field of Dreams

A Creative Vision: A Solar Field of Dreams

It’s my birthday today!

For those who are under the impression I am a young thing (guffaw) I will reveal that I was born in the sixties. Hmm – I just had a thought – that might explain my strange brain 😉

Gabrielle and Daniel Crook

That’s my brother Daniel on the trike and me on the plastic tractor – haha (I was a Crook back then – Crook by name, Crook by nature) in the backyard of our little house in Indooroopilly, Brisbane.

The kids and I have been a bit sick with the flu. It started with Michael, followed shortly by Tessa and then me. Husband – Andy the Great – rarely gets sick, which I think is highly unfair given he is a smoker and fond of the odd beer or two or …

Tessa and I are still a bit under the weather but I’ve had worse flu, so can’t complain. I might be able to struggle to the shops in the afternoon to buy a cake of some sort and maybe a bag of wild raspberries (lollies that is).

Just ignore me – I am prone to a life of exaggeration.

Since it’s my birthday I think I will give myself permission to have a little daydream into the future.

What do you think of this as an idea? A mere seed which may or may not germinate (depending on the prevailing winds, rain, sunshine and finances).

A Solar Field of Dreams

Or to be more precise, a field of solar panels – an array of solar panels on sunny land, shaped like the sun or maybe forming a word like poetry or art.

The solar panels would collect energy from the sun and transfer that energy to our house to be used as the main source of electricity. Our car would be electric with the ability to be plugged into the domestic supply (ala solar powered car).

Excess power will go back to the Grid and we would be paid as a supplier of solar energy.

But, there’s more!

The solar array would also be a work in progress Poetry as Art installation.

Every solar stand (think solar panel on legs) would have a place for one of my weather-proof poems and maybe some photos and commissioned art.

The array then becomes a solar field of dreams:

Solar Field of Dreams

Collecting energy,
collecting poetry and art.
Synergistic solutions
to save the environment
with creativity in the sun.

Gabrielle Crook at Holy Family (Primary School)

What would the Brigidine nuns (if they were alive) think of me now 😉

36 thoughts on “A Creative Vision: A Solar Field of Dreams

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GABRIELLE. Well, I was born in the ’60s too. I think that both of us are young whippersnappers at heart. Always will be. Your dream of a solar future is mine too. But will the fatcat energy barons let that dream come true? Only time will tell. I love that top photo of you on the tractor. That is a classic. And I love that your surname was Crook – also a classic. Thank you for being who you are. You make the world a better place. Much love to you XXXXX

    1. Thanks sweetie 🙂 We must never give up hoping (though it’s good to have a backup emergency plan – haha – your family is welcome to hideout in my commune in the hills when the time comes). My nickname at school was Crooky and I also got ‘the Crooky Monster’ from a few friends; my uncle Phillip is a barrister – haha – with the last name of Crook (would you trust a lawyer with the name of Crook ;)).

      1. A barrister named Crook? That is storytelling gold. He sounds like he just stepped off the pages of a Dickens novel. “crooky monster” – LOL.

        1. hahaha – Bryden has a more sophisticated ring to it (that’s the only reason I married him – hahaha – took me years to find someone with the right name for a writer – just joking Shirl 😉 ) 😉

  2. Happy Birthday, Gabrielle. Try not to let the bug get you down on this special day. What would the Brigidine nuns think of you? They’d see that they’d done a good job.

    1. I’m starting to feel better today Martin (despite the champagne headache 😉 ). I think the nuns would be happy with me (though I had them worried there for a while – haha).

    1. Thanks Tilly – it turned out pretty good (though no presents in sight – bastards 😉 ) – but we ended up with two cakes (I bought one from the local shop and my hubby bought exactly the same one – as he didn’t think I would get one – haha). I bought two packets of lollies which have since been scoffed and had champagne with the cake – so can’t complain.

  3. Happy birthday Gabrielle. Hope you are having a fabulous day. May all your wishes come true. And I also love your idea. Nicely expressed in your poem.

  4. What a cutie-pie 🙂 Happy Birthday, Gabe, from one 60s babe to another (PS – hope there’s no profanities in the happy birthday song link I just posted – couldn’t really make out the rest of the lyrics, hehe)

  5. Happy Birthday!! Tessa looks a lot like her mommie. You really see the resemblance in your childhood picture! Hope you have a great time celebrating with your family.

    1. Bold! You’ve scared me off now – haha – maybe it should be a project for the whole community in a public space or common – a place where people can sit under the solar stands and read poetry and look at art and even post their own stuff – a communal art space – pity we have just welcomed (not) in a State Government that appears to hate the arts and on it’s first day – defunded a significant literary awards program!

  6. you were a cute little blondie! hope you had a happy b’day, made a wish, blew out the candles, and may your wishes come true, to new joys, cheers!

    1. Thanks tipota – we had a nice little celebration with cake, candles and wishes, and lollies (I’m happy if lollies – what you might call sweets or candy – are involved). I have a big wish and it might even come true – I’ll know soon 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday my dear friend. Family, cake & champagne & most importantly – lollies.

    A perfect day – may the rest of your year be filled with more wonderful moments such as these. xx

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