34 thoughts on “Ransom Note Poetry

    1. hahaha – no worries 😉 We’re splitting the proceeds between all poets who comment on my ransom note poem, so you’re in for enough to do some ‘work’ – thanks for stopping by. ps She’s too greedy to pay the ransom and her poem has already been slamdunked by the press and quite a few poets of note.

    1. haha – you can do that one Mark 😉 and crimes against the ALP (normally I wouldn’t bag someone’s poem but she’s just asking for it with those slanderous, full of rubbish lines and pentamic rthymic discrepancies – haha – and I just have a thing about mega rich mining magnates and not in a good way).

    1. hahaha – she started the war 😉 It’s like water off a duck’s back to her I’m sure – she didn’t get where she is now, one of the most powerful people around – and not a politician – , without being tough. Thanks colonialist – cruel and sadistic is what you want in a ransom note 😉

    1. No! I think she may have only ever written the one poem which is now placed on a big boulder near one of her mines or something like that 😉 She is a mega-rich mining magnate on a mission to destroy the sitting Government and get out of paying as many taxes as she can, while pretending it is for the good of the whole country in a poem.

  1. If she doesn’t pay up we’ll lock her in a room and make her listen to the poetry I wrote as a teenager. There are volumes of it and each poem is worse than the one before. After a few hours she’ll do whatever we want (there is only so much teenage angst a person can take.) Don’t think it’ll work? Here are some of the titles : I Love You But You Don’t Love Me, I Smiled But You Looked The Other Way and my personal fave, The Sky Is As Black As My Heart. She’ll be putty in our hands…… 👿

      1. Tell Selma to read her teenage poems in reverse order, so they get better and better!. And now from me, a delicate little ditty.

        Gina Rinehart’s
        try at fine art,
        Left me in a daze.

        Revealed art-
        tIstic elegance…
        Just like the dirty big lump of rock it’s stuck to!

  2. Hoho – if she had a sense of humour, she would send you the money, and then what would you do? 😉
    Love “where many skeletons lie, driza bone and brittle” and “(swift as a bear market ASX on hearing a Wall Street wail)” and Prof Haskell’s advice to Gina, hehe

  3. Ransom note for art held captive. I dunno. Makes my koi very nervous. They are huddling at the bottom of the pond. Can’t get them to peek outside the water’s surface. This is the worst news they’ve heard since that rumor about the arrival of a blue heron.

    1. hahaha – poor Koi – they must not worry Aletha as they are at the height of classy art 😉 We have kookaburras and Magpies and Butcher birds who like to eat the gold fish (that are like Koi) in our pond – in fact, they have all disappeared!

  4. Hehehe … I’m thinking there’s some CIA involvement somewhere here 😉
    Discrediting hard-working mining magnates … shame! 😉

    1. Ssssshhhhh 😉 Hi Geoff – nice of you to stop over from Nigel’s place – always appreciate a new face (she whispers). This may be why I have an ASIO file – haha – the Greens must be loaded with all that money from the CIA – maybe they could share it around.

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