Just for Fun (Nigel’s Baby)

Just for Fun (Nigel’s Baby)

Nigel’s Baby

Baby novel on the way
Nigel’s novella:
I’m Ready Now
the name,
he’s as ready as can be
for the delivery,
from delicate cocoon
to reader’s sphere,
from launch
to baby steps,
to up and running,
running solo –
Dad waving from the margins,
letting go
I’m Ready Now
Let’s Go!


Note: The wonderful author, columnist, blogger, editor, lane lover and chook owner Nigel Featherstone has completed his draft novella ‘I’m Ready Now‘ for publication by Blemish Books.  This is his second novella to be published (the first being ‘Fall on Me‘).

He recently blogged about the process of letting go when an author has finished writing a book. I loved his first born novella ‘Fall on Me‘ and am sure that ‘I’m Ready Now‘ will be a splendiferous sibling. He also has a novel who left home some years back (and we won’t even talk about the assortment of short stories who flew the coop).

Enjoy the process Nigel – they grow up so quickly (but it’s fun to make another one 😉 ).


15 thoughts on “Just for Fun (Nigel’s Baby)

  1. I was at the launch of ‘Fall On Me’, it was a great night, met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages and he stuck around and bought a copy getting caught up in the excitement, and Nigel was a rock star.

  2. Thanks so much, Gabe.

    Never before has someone written a poem about a book of mine months before it’s released. Actually, never before has someone written a poem about a book of mine full-stop. Or a poem about me, quite frankly. I’m honoured.

    And, Mark, me a rock-star? I get all fuzzled if I’m not in bed by 9pm!

    1. hahaha – rock stars can have early nights too 😉 It was my pleasure Nigel – first I was just going to plonk down the poem in your comments but then thought I may as well get a blog post out of the situation – haha – rock on Nigel! One of the best things I find about the internet is that you come across people of like minds (as opposed to going to the local pub and finding 90% of the people are Abbott supporters and climate change denialists and find reading the form guide better than a book).

  3. That is brilliant about Nigel’s second novella. Fantastic. I hope it goes really well. I imagine that letting go of it must be as hard as a mum letting go of a bubby. Gorgeous photo!

    1. haha – I have an image in my head of Daddy Nigel in miniature waving from the ‘margins’ of the book while the huge book is running (like the magic pudding with stout legs protruding from the bottom of the pages) fast in the wind – haha – if only I could draw that 😉

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