splash of red on green 🙂

‘Acalypha hispida (Chenille Plant)

Traditional remedy or use: Used in Indonesia a vermifuge, to treat colic and intestinal disorders; also used as a poultice for sores. As a food source, the leaves are boiled and eaten.

Modern remedy or use: Still used in Indonesia.’

Source:  Plants of the Medicinal Garden (Palm Beach State College 2012) – thanks to Robert and Dawn for identification

green on pink 🙂

blue 😦 on brown on green

Sheba the Labradoodle dandy

Sheba is having surgery today! She will be having 6 small benign tumours (they look like little pink brains the size of peas) removed from paws and body. I will pick her up this afternoon and give her extra cuddles. She may find it hard to forgive me but food and smoochy cuddles will go a long way to getting back in her good books.