flowers, froggy and doggy surgery

flowers, froggy and doggy surgery

splash of red on green 🙂

‘Acalypha hispida (Chenille Plant)

Traditional remedy or use: Used in Indonesia a vermifuge, to treat colic and intestinal disorders; also used as a poultice for sores. As a food source, the leaves are boiled and eaten.

Modern remedy or use: Still used in Indonesia.’

Source:  Plants of the Medicinal Garden (Palm Beach State College 2012) – thanks to Robert and Dawn for identification

green on pink 🙂

blue 😦 on brown on green

Sheba the Labradoodle dandy

Sheba is having surgery today! She will be having 6 small benign tumours (they look like little pink brains the size of peas) removed from paws and body. I will pick her up this afternoon and give her extra cuddles. She may find it hard to forgive me but food and smoochy cuddles will go a long way to getting back in her good books.


34 thoughts on “flowers, froggy and doggy surgery

  1. No garden poultice to treat that blue on brown on green? 😦 Or poor Sheba – hope she went well today – no doubt, after food and smoochy cuddles, the horror of her medical moments will be a distant memory. Love the photos of that beautiful fat froggy!! 😀

    1. Thanks bluebee – she ended up having 8 tumours removed, so she is a bit sore and trying to lick the stitches all the time – they get removed in 10 days, so she has bandaged feet for a while – she is enjoying extra cuddles but is very tired today. That’s a fat frog that one (Stafford thinks it should be on The Biggest Loser) 😉

    1. Thanks Benedicte – that frog is on Tessa’s arm (I am not that keen on the close contact with fat frog thingy, myself) – sometimes they will jump on you without an invitation – happened to Michael once and he thought it was hilarious – I would be NOT HAPPY – haha.

    1. I know Tilly – wouldn’t it be great if they could understand – they still wouldn’t like it, but at least they would know we are doing it in their best interest 😉

    1. Thanks Kate – she is well on her way to mending fast – stitches out in 10 days and she will be happy as Larry 🙂 It is a world class frog on Tessa’s arm – haha – a Green Tree Frog – we have heaps of them around our house (sometimes even in the house) and they can get pretty big – they never seem frightened of us humans.

  2. Poor Sheba! I just had to come and give her a virtual-hug. HUUUUUUG. She would have been out to it, wouldn’t she? Love the fat frog, glad it’s not me holding it, happy to admire from a distance. Croak on!

    1. Hello Lily and passing on the virtual HUUUUUUG – thankyou captain 😉 I was glad I wasn’t holding the frog too – that is my 9yo daughter Tessa’s arm. Ribit!!!!

    1. Thanks squirrel – yes they were annoying her (though they were on top of her feet and around her legs and bum) and she kept fiddling with them and licking the hair around them. The vet said they probably will come back but we will deal with that, when and if it happens.

  3. What a plump froggie. He (or she?) must be catching a bunch of bugs. Wonderful pictures! I hope the pup is feeling better, and can soon be chasing that froggie around (who looks like he (she?) could use some exercise!).

  4. Woof woof woofitty. Arf arf arf (tail wag) woofy woof woof (sniff) arfy arf. That means ‘Get well soon Sheba and I know how you feel…’ Haha.

    Hope she does feel better soon. Poor thing. But what an enormous frog. WOW. He’s a corker. Ribbit!

    1. Thanks Dr Doolittle 🙂 (aka Selma) – haha – she is a bit quiet (no doubt pondering the unfairness of the universe) but otherwise fine. The frog is a corker for sure – haha – ribit!

    1. haha – I will adeeyoyo 😉 Sheba is feeling much better – her stitches still have to be removed next Saturday and I am having trouble keeping her bandages in place but other than that all is good.

  5. Hope Sheba is healing well and love your flower photos, especially the chenille variety. Interesting looking frog. I don’t think I’ve ever seen on like it.

    1. I do love that Chenille flower Renee (only recentlly found out what it was). The frog is a Green Tree frog and is the most common frog around here – very cute (though the really big ones – not so much)

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