odds and ends

odds and ends


First time Broccoli


Double Trouble – I’m the headless chook bottle feeding Raspberry and Pippin

IMGP2963 (640x562)

Sheba is very unimpressed with the ever increasing size of the pack (and her order in it ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


Can you guess what this is?



Having some technical and other issues at the moment.

My PC is on the way out and needs to be replaced ASAP. It is literally falling apart.

My rural (even though we are only 10 minutes drive to a major town) internet connection is as slow as a wet week (and to make it worse my monthly download allowance has been reached – thanks to the kiddliewinks)

My email is not working so I have to use another computer to access my email! It is some sort of bug related to updates.

And most importantly, my brother Daniel has been very ill in hospital for the past week (though is now at home) and is having great difficulty eating and drinking because ofย  a chronic condition ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The good news is the kids are back at school and almost enjoying it ๐Ÿ™‚

A boy and a dog called Jazzy

A boy and a dog called Jazzy

A boy and a dog called Jazzy

Best friends
can be short or tall
bright or quiet
booky or sporty
anything at all
mine just happens to be
a goofy, woolly
poodly, woodly
type beastie
with a coat of gold
soft as marshmallows
melting in the camp fire
pinkest tongue
cool wet nose
that reminds me when
a hug is due
boofy head
that rests on my legs
like Iโ€™m the best pillow
following me from room to room
my loyal shadow
liquid eyes
of chocolate brown
forever sad
even when eating
but a shaggy, waggy tail
a heart filled with happy
jazzy, fizzy stuff
that bubbles all around me
tickling me with love.


Note: A repost ๐Ÿ™‚

I Think I’m a Cat!

I Think I’m a Cat!

My Labradoodle Sheba is one of those dogs that thinks she’s a cat!

She might be a little confused ๐Ÿ˜‰

She makes a sound like a meow when she can’t get close enough to me (separation anxiety is her speciality).

When she sees something a bit scary in the distance she does a little quarter bark – sounds like a cross between a burp and a deflating balloon – most pathetic as far as barks go. Occasionally she does a decent full on bark that sounds like she is serious, but she will be backtracking to the house at the same time.

She likes nothing better than a nap on a comfy pile of cushions.

She loves a cuddle with other members of her pack (the Brydens).

She loves to eat fish!

She hates to exercise and refuses to play ball (something which sister Jazz is obsessed with).

She refuses to swim in the sea (whereas Jazz will swim with glee).

I’ve heard that a dog like a cat is called a Cog.

Not sure I like that name. Can you come up with a better one?


flowers, froggy and doggy surgery

flowers, froggy and doggy surgery

splash of red on green ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Acalypha hispida (Chenille Plant)

Traditional remedy or use: Used in Indonesia a vermifuge, to treat colic and intestinal disorders; also used as a poultice for sores. As a food source, the leaves are boiled and eaten.

Modern remedy or use: Still used in Indonesia.’

Source:ย  Plants of the Medicinal Garden (Palm Beach State College 2012) – thanks to Robert and Dawn for identification

green on pink ๐Ÿ™‚

blue ๐Ÿ˜ฆ on brown on green

Sheba the Labradoodle dandy

Sheba is having surgery today! She will be having 6 small benign tumours (they look like little pink brains the size of peas) removed from paws and body. I will pick her up this afternoon and give her extra cuddles. She may find it hard to forgive me but food and smoochy cuddles will go a long way to getting back in her good books.




It’s such a noodle name
for any sort of dog.
A dog that’s neither Labrador nor Poodle,

a bitser this and that, for sure.
Purists will quickly point out,
the muttiness factor of the dawg.
They hold their noses way up high

to extend their view of down,
they pontificate on colours,
size and necessary standards,
ending up with quite a frown,

but I don’t care for such things

you couldn’t get a cuter dog
then the dandy Labradoodle
(my bias is showing, I have two I call my own)
and mutts they’re not to me.

They are a woolly combination
of both silly poodleness
and labrador loyalty,

intelligence (a modicum, enough to get them by)
and sloppy, lovingness in spades,

they might not frighten burglars
or sniff out contraband
but they’ll love you as their leader
and follow your commands.

Well that’s the theory!

ho hum
Food, did someone say food!