Aussie Critters

Here are some photos I took of the local fauna – I’ve resurrected a couple, so apologies if you have seen them before.


How's about a beer after all that hard work!

You looking at me!

Never mess with an emu!

Yeah, you go Anna!

Enough already!

Boing, boing, boing...

12 thoughts on “Aussie Critters

    • They may not talk but they do communicate – kangaroos have a whole set of grunts etc., to communicate their needs (gets very noisy around here sometimes) – in fact I want to record the kangaroo noises soon (just haven’t got good enough sound recorder – might borrow one from a naturalis friend). Crows have a complex system of calls and they have dialects (which vary by region) – very smart birds the crow. Thanks Adeeyoyo.

  1. Love the emu – that’s a ‘Make My Day’ face! We were up at Myall Lakes this weekend and saw quite a few goannas in the forest – they sure can move when the want to.

    • Haha – most Australian towns are not like this place – most don’t have kangaroos in everyone’s front gardens. It is mainly because we are surrounded by national park and it is such a small, quiet town. Thanks Aletha.

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