In the wilds of Woodgate

In the wilds of Woodgate

Emu by Gabrielle Bryden

In the wilds of Woodgate

Garrulous goanna canters
the perimeter of fence,
with a predators glare.

Gigantic spiders stalk
silently up high, waiting
to parachute the unsuspecting.

Brazen bull sharks close to shore
after rain, raise adrenaline
with water slicing fins.

Boxing kangaroos spar
for the girls, grunting,
showing off like Muhammad Ali.

Snakes from the shadows
appear with fangs at the ready,
like Dracula with a raging thirst.

Emus surprise with in your face attitude
and a Jackie Chan kick,
that could do your head in.

How about a day release
from heaven, Steve Irwin?
I need to borrow a crocodile hunter.

Boxing Kangaroos by Gabrielle Bryden
Goanna by Gabrielle Bryden
Mum and Bub

Mum and Bub

Old Blue Eyes

There is a partially blind kangaroo who hangs around our garden – the blind eye looks blue and I call her Old Blue Eyes.

I called her that when I thought she was a male, then one day I noticed she had a baby (a joey) in-pouch. That joey is out of the pouch now!

Mum and out of pouch joey

Old Blue Eyes is a bit of an outsider with the local mob and tends to graze by herself, with her joey. I think she feels safe at our place and doesn’t get spooked when I walk past.

I took these photos yesterday. My children had left the ball there from the day before! (no, I didn’t put it there for the benefit of the photos).

Hmm, not sure what to do with this thing!
Now you've stopped eating Mum, can we play?
I wonder if you punch it or kick it?
You have to see my manager if you want to take my photograph, lady!