Stop with the over-scheduling all ready!

Kids need free time (nothing on the schedule) to play and yes, to be bored!

Playing and boredom both exercise the creative little gremlins that live in our brains.

Oh watch them dance #gremlins

Long periods of boredom force the child to create their own interesting activities or thoughts.

Look Mum I hoisted the cat onto the roof with this big stick thing #shite

Life needs to be processed – the days stuff needs to be digested by the brain (‘why did the Mrs Nolan give me that strange look when I said that …’), reviewed, analysed and stored for future reference.

How can you do that with little free time to ponderate?

Plus, a child who has not had much experience with unstructured time will get a hell of a shock when it may be forced on them in later life.

My ipad’s not working #mayaswelljumpoffacliff #endoftheworld

Let them be bored

Power out
tv blank
pc down
tablet black
iphone no phone!

boring, boring,

only boring people get bored
the old saying goes

blah blah blah

boring boring

Light a candle
play a game

use the electricity
in your brain

sparks of creativity
glinting connectivity

flickering tinkering
lateral sideways thinking

bending of facilities
curving of capabilities

shadows await
the endless possibilities.

Imagination born
from the bored.


Note: I know I ramble on about how autistic kids need to have everything scheduled; but within the schedule it is important to schedule down time – you could have a symbol for free time or relaxing time.

Nudist Colony – Protesting Tony Abbott

About a year ago we got fleeced in the Federal election and the catastrophic fallout continues!

Merlin and Spirit, two Aussie alpacas, have decided to protest by setting up a nudist colony.

shearing 2014 059

shearing 2014 051

They have ditched their gear and are posting their coats to Canberra so that the Abbott dude can cover up his budgy smugglers.


No-one should have to look at his sorry arse!