30 thoughts on “Haiku – Life

    • Let’s hope so Charles 🙂 2012 was all about waiting to move, and now I can just relax and try to make the year go as slow as possible – the kids will be going to a new school, so that will be a big challenge …

    • haha here’s to that Staffo 😉 bloody canetoads are everywhere (found two in the boys bedroom the other day – snuck through the screen door which blew open in the wind – he wasn’t impressed) – you have a good one too 🙂

    • hahaha – there are many reasons for not taking up long-distance running Nigel (if I ever meet you in person I will tell you what those reasons are – if I write them here I may have a contingent of type A personalities with high blood pressure, out to get me 😉 ) – kids run for the fun of it – not so sure about the adults who run!

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