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Fast Forward

I feel like the movie of my life is on fast forward.

I’m watching The Mentalist on Monday and then I’m watching The Mentalist on Monday and I don’t know what happened to the week in between.

The only thing happening slowly is the arrival of the furniture – bit by bit in the drip, drip fashion (Andy the Great is moving it all on his own, so this is understandable – I still don’t know how he does it!).

I’ve been madly unpacking, sorting, shopping, cleaning, feeding and entertaining children.

I can hardly remember Christmas day.

The threat of bushfire has also been on our minds. Australia has been under siege from many wild fires as conditions are perfect for fires (extended heatwave, heat records broken, low humidity and gale force winds in parts, and overgrowth of fuel because of the floods).

On top of everything else, we’ve had to put together a fire plan (as should everyone at risk). Basically my fire plan is ‘get the hell out of here, and take the animals with us’, in the event of an evacuation order.

There is only two weeks before the kids start at a new school (a big transition for any child; huge for someone on the autism spectrum). We’re all a bit nervous.

Time is like that, isn’t it? Changes speed.

The last time I experienced the fast forward movie was the couple of months after giving birth to both my children.

Zoom, zoom, kaboom!

I knew nothing about babies when I had my first child. So after the birth, there was a lot of manic learning involved. I enjoyed those first few weeks but they absolutely flew by and I hardly had time to eat, let alone read a book or relax.

When my baby Michael was about 6 weeks old, my good friend Louise and I went to Indooroopilly Shopping Town for a quick toasted sandwich catch-up. After morning tea, we went to the restroom and I asked Louise to look after the pram and Michael outside while I went to the toilet. When I came out, I wandered off to Myers, like I had done a hundred times before, sans Louise and Michael.

Don’t worry – I had only gone a few hundred metres and I realised something was missing – holy guacamole! I ran back to where Louise was waiting patiently with the pram and Michael.

Sometimes we have so much to do and think about that the brain goes on auto-pilot.

Now I need time to slow down so I have time to get the kids ready for school. There are labels to make, uniforms to fit, books to cover, nerves to calm down, social stories to tell and much to get one’s hazy head around.

Where’s the butler when you need him most πŸ˜‰



19 thoughts on “Fast Forward

  1. You’ve had a lot to deal with, Gabrielle, all against the backdrop of a real fire threat. I hope things ease up a bit for you…at least, while the butler’s away!

  2. Do you know, you are the only person (other than me) who has noticed how time changes its pace? I love this post. It reminds me so much of when my children were little.

    1. I think a lot of people will have noticed the time thing adeeyoyo – but it’s not something many talk about – hahaha – I like to talk about those weird things no-one seems to talk about πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Gabrielle, Interesting about your mother’s name. I didn’t meet another Monica until I was in my 30’s. Now it’s more common. Beautiful face on your gravatar.

  3. Life is most certainly a juggle Gabe! I hope you get some quiet headspace real soon and I hope with all of my heart that both the children make a smooth transition to school.

    1. Very useful Eva πŸ™‚ The fires are terrible but much worse in the Southern States – in fact it is starting to flood here now (talk about a change in circumstance) – but floods are better than fires any day.

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