The Baker

The Baker

The Baker

The baker wakes so very early
to bake his daily bread,
toasty blankets cast adrift,
lamenting the rift from bed.

But once the loaves are rising,
his nose begins to fill
with smells so appetising,
he marvels at his skill.

His brioche is to die for,
jam donuts light and fluffy,
the high top loaf is standing tall
the sausage rolls are puffy.

His fairy cakes are delicate,
soft mouthfuls are transcendent,
with butter cream of every tint,
the frosting is resplendent.

His pies have all the best of fillings,
the juiciest steak and chicken,
the gravy is delectably rich,
he’s a secret way to thicken.

His flaky pastry takes the cake,
the perfect wrap for pie,
the warm light pasties make the grade
and all the mouths will sigh

and sing his praise, gustatory
king of the bakery world
his pastries always take the prize,
his fervour is unfurled.


Note: This poem is part of my Sensory Occupations Series.

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27 thoughts on “The Baker

  1. it evoked the sweet lovely scent of a bakery, and the images of fresh baked bread, ahhhhh! still warm, still fragrant, this is great, i will be much more en pointe next time i visit a bakery. lovely.

    1. Thank you Aletha (5/5 for that comment – haha). I had the idea of a baker as a sensory profession ages ago but couldn’t work out how to write the poem – as I know little about what bakers do – so I thought I would focus on the food, as I do know something about pies and cakes etc., πŸ™‚

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