The Ballade of Pompadour and Blanca

The Ballade of Pompadour and Blanca

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight for your entertainment Benedicte Delachanal, Aletha Kuschan and moi would like to introduce you to the beginning of something that we think is very special. We three bloggers have been conspiring behind blog walls to make Pompadour (my Chinese Silky chicken) and Blanca (Aletha’ s hamster) famous.

Much has been written previously about these two beasties, but today we are posting The Ballade of Pompadour and Blanca as way of an introduction to their delicate relationship. The collaboration goes something like this: Gabrielle (writer); Benedicte (illustrator);  Aletha (editor, writer, illustrator). These roles are somewhat fluid and as we present stuff we will reveal who did what.

Keep the tune of  The Beverly Hillbillies in mind when you read my poem.

Illustration by Benedicte Delachanal (2009)

The Ballade of Pompadour and Blanca

Let me tell you about a chicken, her name is Pompadour

she is generously proportioned and is very much adored

for her pizzaz, oomph and rockstar chic

sumptuous plumage

grey and white, pompom on top

ubercool and suave.

She’s a Chinese Silkie chicken, with a lovely French name,

cooping well in Australia, with four sisters and her fame

from success as a superb singer on

Aussie’s Rock Chick

head full of feathers, fanciful ideas

and up to assorted tricks.

One day Pompi traveled, across the seas so far

to the United States of America, just because she was a star

befriending Blanca the hamster

hairstylist extraordinaire

over sized rat, petite style

bonding over coffee liqueur.

And now it must be noted, Blanca’s challenged bouffantly

her hamster hair is fine and flat, colour of insipid tea

tis true this bouffant-challenged rodent

is not much to observe

but heart of gold, manicured paws

make up for eau-de-hamster.

Blanca is sweet-hearted, with no sinister intent

she sees the best in all around, ignoring petty vents,

unlike the arrogant Pompadour

who insists things go her way

she listens most, a gracious host

ensuring a good day.

You may find these two an oddly matched pair of friends indeed

but isn’t it that the way, opposites are drawn by need

for something that the other gives

or complementary nature

and this is true, without a doubt

for Pompadour and Blanca.

The End

26 thoughts on “The Ballade of Pompadour and Blanca

  1. ha ha!!

    i think you might have the makings of a great children’s book there! my girls are already fixated on chickens (they see them at the market every saturday and make appropriate chook noises that I taught them…)

    1. Thank you so much Selma. We started out doing it just for fun but now may publish or self publish the stories (which are not in verse). The first one is about Pompadour at the beauty salon. She’s a very naughty chicken!

  2. fantastic. love it. my little orange boy kitten Piph wants to be in the story. but he would probably not behave himself with a hamster and a chicken. one of these days i’ll post his picture

  3. The New York Times calls The Ballade of Pompadour and Blanca “a brilliant frolic.”

    The London Telegraph says “it will tickle your funny bone.”

    Le Parisien dit que L’Histoire de Pompadour et Blanca est “le non-plus ultra des histoires rigoles.”

    The Sydney Morning Herald said that not since Refus has poetry and drawing conveyed such life, humor and joy.

    The Charlotte Observer called The Ballade of Pompadour and Blanca “the most intelligent and sophisticated comedic poetry seen in a decade.”

    And Joey aged 10 says The Ballade of Pompadour and Blanca is “cool.”

    Discover for yourself. The Ballade of Pompadour and Blanca — a poetical delight you don’t want to miss.

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