Here is a video of my five Chinese Silkie chickens. Pompadour, the Silkie with the biggest pompom is the inspiration for a series of children’s books, poems and illustrations that I am working on with the Benedicte and Aletha (see The Ballade of Pomadour and Blanca). Blanca is a hamster owned by Aletha. She has 9 offspring, and maybe more in the future, and they will also feature in the stories.

13 thoughts on “Chinese Silkie Chickens (Video)

  1. It is great to see them in action! I recognized Pompi right away, such a star attitude to ignore the camera. She has the the best head pompom. Nice to see them and to hear them, thanks Gabrielle.

    1. Ha,ha. Yes, it is so very important not to get the pantaloons dirty. I would still like to write about another Pompadour who lives with the 18th century French aristocracy. Do you know about the real Madame de Pompadour – mistress of Louis XV?

  2. They are extremely fancy. Definite aristocrats. Have you heard about Hencam? It is a website in the UK where a farmer films his coop all day. It is a huge hit. My son checks in every day to see how the hens are going. Your chickens are much more photogenic than his. They could have their own show. Adorable!

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