Acrostic for Sufferers of Bovinephobia ðŸ˜‰

Acrostic for Sufferers of Bovinephobia ðŸ˜‰

Run (by Michael Bryden)
Run (by Michael Bryden)


Acrostic for Sufferers of Bovineophobia

Beware the beasts
Out to get you.
Vibrations of rage, running deep
Into the heart of the ground.
Nimble thy feet will be to avoid the
Excruciating crush of the bovine burden.
Oppressed you will feel, it is only fair.
Pray for divine assistance –
Holy cow!
Oh Lordy, get me outta here.
Bovine phobia, yes
It’s a thing.
And the cattle cry – Alleluia.


Note: for bluebee who is a sufferer 😀


Nuddernote: fear of cattle is justified 😉 they are huge beasties and can squish you without even meaning too!

16 thoughts on “Acrostic for Sufferers of Bovinephobia ðŸ˜‰

    1. hahahaha that’s for sure Charles – good thing about dairy cows is they are always more intent on emptying their udders than having a go at the handlers (or so I am led to believe)

      1. I wasn’t offended, btw. Just… affeared of cows and horses… and farmgirl born & bred. But I think they’re beautiful! Especially my girls. And I’ll be the first one eeeping and running before one even THINKS about looking at me…

        1. They definitely are beautiful 😀 We have two cows but I won’t go in the field with them – talk to them over the fence and give them a scratch behind the ear, but that’s close enough for me.

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