22 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Note: I took that photo a while back now – the pond has deteriorated somewhat since then – Jazzy jumped in to the pond and it now has a leak – doesn’t matter in a normal garden but our soil is pure sand and the water just drains away!

  2. Well, Gabrielle, it could be worse than dog claws in pool. It could boil away like water is doing here as we drudge into another week of 100 plus temperatures and drought. 😦 I would like to dive under those lily pads right now.

    1. Yes I’ve heard about the droughts across the USA – we are used to that in Australia though with climate change things will get worse (some country towns are going to be wiped off the map). Yet, still no-one seems to want take any action – unbelievable (do we have to have no more polar caps before people wake up – then it will be too late). Our pond is nearly empty now (that’s an old photo) – very sad looking – no more lily pads and flowers but lots of moss and stuff – yuck! Thanks for stopping by Eva 🙂

    1. Thanks bluebee – sometimes it is nice to keep the feet dry and observe the lovely things around you while breathing deeply – can always plop into the dark blue water when you feel like you might doze off!

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