Paul Squires is well known among a small circle of ‘poet type people’ for his regular contributions of poetry/prose to his blog gingatao. He has built up a loyal fan-base for his original portrayals of colourful characters and his multi-layered, intertwining narratives, with a great many references to jazz music, piano and past and present cultural allusions. The well known poet and publisher Graham Nunn is a follower and described one of Paul’s blog entries as another great example from the classic gingatao narrative.

The Puzzle Box waves hello from Hervey Bay

Commentary that follow are nearly as entertaining as the blog itself. Here is an example posted by Brad:

A wonderful finesse with which you caress the meaning both into and out of the word and the sound, Paul. The washing machine and the dryer are spinning their circular arguments into the floor. The dog and the daughter and wife have all gone away. Human type creatures and chickens alike are a pleasure to meet.

Paul Squires book ‘The Puzzle Box’ is a collection of poetry and prose, similar in content to his blog. In fact, a reading of ‘The Puzzle Box’ is highly recommended to assist you in deciphering the many puzzles that appear in gingatao. This book is brimming with twisting and weaving poetry and narratives. There is a touch of the ‘Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ about his writing. It is witty  throughout and had me laughing out loud along the way.  Each piece stands well enough alone, but the characters and situations intertwine in a dream-like, almost hallucinatory manner, resulting in a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. I highly recommend, to you who are so inclined, to regularly imbibe in some Squires.

Written by Gabrielle Bryden