Dr Sheldon Cooper and Aspergers

Dr Sheldon Cooper and Aspergers

The Big Bang Theory

I love the television comedy The Big Bang Theory.

At first, after seeing promos of the show, I thought it looked pretty stupid. But changed my mind when I watched a couple of episodes. I was hooked and thought it hilarious with brilliant script writing.

The main character Dr Sheldon Cooper has all the traits of someone with Aspergers Syndrome (not that it is ever mentioned on the show). You could say the volume control on his aspieness has been turned up for comedic effect.

The actor Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon is an absolute scream and has won numerous accolades for his portrayal of the genius theoretical particle physicist. He has the body language down pat and I can see my son, who has High Functioning Autism or Aspergers, in his mannerisms.

There is a huge number of people with Aspergers who are fans of The Big Bang Theory. The shows producers and writers are obviously getting it right.

Here are a couple of clips from Youtube if you are interested. There is also a clip of Dr Tony Attwood (world’s leading expert on Aspergers Syndrome) answering a couple of questions from people with Aspergers. Dr Attwood delves into the issue of Aspergian masks (pretending to be neurotypical) which is fascinating.

Watch them all, watch one, watch none – your choice.


ps. you have to click where it says ‘watch on youtube’ to watch these clips as they are not embedded on my blog 😉