Frog saved from jaws of snake!

Frog saved from jaws of snake!

This happened about a year ago.

Tessa was playing on the verandah.

‘Mum,  there’s a snake down there’, she said as she lay on the floorboards, peering through the cracks between the planks.

Snake under the verandah

The snake was eating a live frog (they taste better fresh). The snake had more than half of the frog in its mouth.

Mum (me) in a tizz gets Dad (Andrew).

Andy the Great (aka Super Shirl) comes to the rescue of frog (ps. don’t tell me we shouldn’t do this – we know 🙂 )

Andy the Great rescues frog from jaws of snake!

Snake scurries off under neighbours car (sorry Henry).

Pissed off and hungry snake departs for Henry's car

Tessa checks on the slightly squished frog

Are you OK?
I've had better days!

Tessa poured some water over the frog to make him feel better.

Wet frog contemplating the meaning of life!

The frog took a couple of minutes to get over the shock and proceeded to climb back up to his spot under the verandah.

Up the pole.
Back where he came from.

The end.