Search Engine Poetry

Search Engine Poetry

searching for answers, hoping you’re wrong

my toddler is obsessed with water
toddler obsession with light switches and water
2 year old child that looks sideways
child sensory overload with hair dryer rocking stimming
toddler fascinated with peripheral vision
baby hates neck touched
toddler obsessed with light switches
rubbing material between fingers
need for sameness
child hates smell of fruit
toddler obsessed with fans

autism awareness blue


Bluebee the blogger and poet challenged her readers to compose a poem from search engine terms used to get to your blog.

An interesting and quite challenging challenge 😉

So here above is my ‘found’ poem. Each line is an actual string of search engine terms used by people who clicked on my blog.

It makes me a little sad that some parents may discover my blog through the googling of what are considered red flags for autism. Some might want to shoot the messenger and I can understand that totally.

I hope that some of the red flags are just red herrings. But if they are not, don’t despair – the earlier a child is diagnosed with autism the earlier that intervention can begin and the better the outcomes.