Visiting Poem (d)

Visiting Poem (d)

'king in vase' photo by d's other half

Here is another poem (and lovely photos of her proteas) for Day 4 of 2011 National Poetry Week kindly submitted by my ABCPOOL friend d (or dwerombi as she is now known in the POOL).

d is from Werombi, the rural inland, west of Sydney and used to be a ‘mad scientist’ and now does other stuff, including writing stories, poems and participating in the POOL community.

‘Look at me’

You sit still in the vase, and I look at your faces
As you watch humans darting from place to places.

You are proteas whose necks are gracefully curved
You are no good for sale, they think you are ‘perved’.

But we’ve rescued you and set you all free
And you live in our house now, and say ‘look at me’.

So what have you seen and heard during the week?
Some joyous announcements; some whispers more bleak.

You see human life is not much different from flowers
In the spring sunshine and during spring showers.

And you smile back at me in the sun-filled rooms,
With your round pink expressions, your crown-like blooms.

No matter if my news is bright or it’s blue,
“Here’s looking at ME, kid … I’m looking at YOU.”

photo by d's other half


Thanks d – you’re a champion 🙂 Flowers do have so much personality.

Friday Night from Hell (Audio)

Friday Night from Hell (Audio)

Finally I’ve got the audio sorted!

Last year my poem ‘Friday Night from Hell’, was selected for inclusion on an ABC Radio National 360 program called City Nights. The program was produced by the fabulous Gretchen Miller and aired on September 5th. Actors were employed to recite the poems/short stories and the sound and music was designed to match the narrative. The result was a radio-phonic delight.

I have attached the audio file for my poem. They did a fantastic job and I was as proud as punch. The reason I am posting it now is that I have only just learned how to convert the file format to MP3 (so I can put it on my blog). The original blog post can be found if you follow this link .

This is what a night out in a big city of Australia sounds like (and I’m sure it sounds like that in a lot of other big cities all over the world). I much prefer when other people recite my poetry.

Here is my ‘Friday Night from Hell’:

Friday Night from Hell by Gabrielle Bryden

I have dedicated this poem to all the yobbos out there who should be locked up in their own homes on a friday night.

Froggy photo remix

Froggy photo remix

A little kiss and prince charming will appear!' says froggy, 'then there will be two of us?'

That would be my better half, but enough of him. John Jacobs, producers from ABC POOL, asked my permission to use one of my froggy photos in a remix. I’m excited!

Thanks John. Here is the link to the POOL for the post ‘When data communities converge’.

Here is the original photo


Here is the remix

ABC POOL remix