On the Road to Progress

On the Road to Progress

On the Road to Progress

Every day the road displays the slaughter
at the altar of progress and prowess;
how fast and far can we travel.

What gets in the way, pays
and paves our path in blood –
human and the other animal offerings.

The guttural roar of empire
smothers the whimpering
of minions in their death roll pleading

S … ave
O … ur
S … ouls

But a corpse is not long in the sun –
a mere crows meal, maggots feast
lubricant for the corpulent tyres

on the limo of civilisation;
Fatboy Slim remixes
You’ve Come Along Way Baby

while Hannibal Lecter’s
appetite is whet
for the silent lambs.


Warning: song contains lyrics that might be considered offensive