Snow Dome

Snow Dome


Photograph by Benedicte Delachanal

Snow Dome

It was days before Christmas
and storm clouds did threaten

the cricket
each afternoon.

I could imagine I am in Finland
in the sauna, sweating,
about to plunge in icy waters
to invigorate
the circulation,

but that’s not working for me,

so I shook my blogosphere
and soon there was

in my snow dome

a white Christmas
descends on




Photograph by Benedicte Delachanal
Photograph by tipota
Photograph by Val B Russell
Photograph by Aletha Kuschan (if that is her real name!)

Note: I asked four female friends in my blogosphere for some photos of snow as a prompt and they sent me many – these are some of their photos.

Here are the links to their blogs and where they live.

Benedicte (Montreal, Canada)

Val (Island of New Foundland, Canada)

tipota (Cape Cod, U.S.A)

Aletha (Washington, U.S.A)

I forget how far away you people are from me! Thank you ladies so much for the snow 🙂


Froggy photo remix

Froggy photo remix

A little kiss and prince charming will appear!' says froggy, 'then there will be two of us?'

That would be my better half, but enough of him. John Jacobs, producers from ABC POOL, asked my permission to use one of my froggy photos in a remix. I’m excited!

Thanks John. Here is the link to the POOL for the post ‘When data communities converge’.

Here is the original photo


Here is the remix

ABC POOL remix