The Artist (a poem with fishy fish)

The Artist (a poem with fishy fish)


Koi painting by Aletha Kuschan


The Artist (a poem with fishy fish)

What marvellous fishy fish you capture,
he said to the artist, quick tip of the hat

and nod to her grasp of the slippery power
held within the Koi, of paint and pond.

If I could divine the secret of supple
shape and muscle, colour and movement

that you magically display, in the loose
flamboyance of these wild but captive

creatures, mouth open, wanting more
than can ever be obtained in this stale life,

outside the rippled blue of paint reflected,
I would hide it in a locked box,

to keep the magic from evaporating.


Koi by Aletha Kuschan


Dedicated to the artist and blogger Aletha Kuschan (who is slightly obsessed with painting Koi) and the late and great poet gingatao (author of The Puzzle Box) who was a great admirer of Aletha’s work, particularly her ‘fishy fish’.

The Artist (a poem with fleurs)

The Artist (a poem with fleurs)

'fleurs' by Benedicte Delachanal

The Artist

Are you deaf woman?
the husband snorted
Must I always talk to myself!
he gave up, thwarted.

His wife was drowning
you see, no longer of this world,
submerged into the depths
of watercolour swirls,

enveloped in opulent oil strokes,
iPod touches and gouache,
painting portraiture, landscapes
and blooms with panache,

drowning and spinning
in a sensory vortex,
of smell, touch, and sound and
aroused visual cortex

she was swathed in the petals
of vibrancy and dreams
deep in an underwater garden,
flowing imaginative streams.


Dedicated to the wonderful Canadian artist Benedicte Delachanel of blog Carnet de Dessins