Duck poem for Tessa

Duck poem for Tessa

muscovy duck (reduced)

The Muscovy Duck

Such a strange duck is the Muscovy
So different from the rest.
In terms of vocalisations
It doesn’t quite pass the test.

There’s no flashy quacking or squawking,
There’s not much noise at all.
They sound like a serial killer
Whispering threats in a lingering call.

There is, however, waddling,
Some splashing and displays,
Duck tail snapping and sibling slapping
In the flashiest of melees.

There’s splendiferous wing stretching,
There is tail feather shaking,
There is a flapping and a flopping
And of course duck bellyaching.

The boys are really quite big and fat
The girls are half the size,
It’s difficult to lift those bodies off the ground
And get them in the skies.

In fact, there is little flying done
In the life of a Muscovy duck,
They tend to twaddle and doddle
Like a lazy wuckenschmuck.


ps. For you my darling Tessa and the duck clan that wander our residence (of course). You will no doubt know the name of this duck in the photo – I’m completely confused about who is who 😉