Swanning around Lake Alford

Swanning around Lake Alford

Tessa and I were in the Australian country town of Gympie the other day and stopped at beautiful Lake Alford. We were delighted to find two adult Black Swans with their adorable babies (cygnets). Apparently, going by the info in the sign, the Black Swan is the only black swan in the world and Australia only has black swans (bit of a tongue twister – haha).

Here are some photos.

Don’t know how old that sign is.


Swanning in formation.

Spring relaxation.

Good to see shared parenting.

They came running up to us when they got out of the water.

I was looking down at my camera and when I looked up this big swan was a foot from my face – bit scary that!

The swan is such an elegant bird.

Tessa and I both love red! This is Tessa having a chat with some sort of duck.

This is not a swan!