Friday Photos

Friday Photos

My sister came for a visit and took some photos. Always good to look from a different perspective.

lisas photo cane train (2)

Sugar Cane has been harvested in a nearby farm

(but the Crush, as they call the 6 months of cutting and crushing of cane, still has a few months to go).

lisas photo cane train (1)

A cane train in the middle of the town of Bundaberg is taking the sugar cane to the mill nearby.

The cane is then crushed and turned into the different types of sugary stuff that we use for so many things.

lisas photo smoke

Smoke in the distance from a fire (maybe a back burn or a sugar cane burn off)

A total fire ban is now in place because of the high risk fire conditions (including the drought)

Lisas photo me and Clancy

Me kissing the horse next door (Clancy) on the nose

He wants it to rain so he can get some decent grass happening!

Lisas photo dam

The trees are green but the grass is like brittle, dry hay

lisas photo me and boy

We’re collecting fresh branches for the mini-goats and alpacas

lisas photo boyboys

the boyboys go chompy chomp

lisas photo alpaca

Who are you?


Note: All photos in this blog post are by Lisa Crook. Thanks for the photos Lisa – did some minor editing but I’m sure you won’t mind 🙂