Citrus Fiesta

Citrus Fiesta

Citrus Fiesta

Let the citrus fiesta begin!

To begin my citrus extravaganza I am posting a poem I wrote and picture I drew from 2010 🙂


for the love of a lemon tree

in her house

tipota grew a lemon tree
from seed that begged plant me

the tree grew
and grew
and grew
with love
to a sumptuous lemonesque grandeur

to pot to pot to pot a
las none were big enough
for the lemon’s great ambitions
and spaces between the tree shrank
until tipota could hardly move

but she minded not
for she loved that lemon tree.


I’ve written this poem and drawn the picture just for a bit of fun. Tipota is a very creative lady with a blog called spaces between trees

She is a musician, artist, poet and all round genius as far as I’m concerned. Tipota commented recently on my poem Twisted Lemon. Here is her comment:

‘i grew a lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet ha ha, i grew it from a seed that popped out of a sliced lemon – begging to be planted, it already had a thin green sprout. it grew into a tree, in successively larger pots until there weren’t any more bigger that i could find. i had it for fifteen years and it had wonderful blossoms and the last few seasons it made a handful or two of lemons, tiny ones. alas, it died a few years ago for the very reasons you describe, there was no pot big enough to handle it and it couldn’t go outside. it was huge and took up all the window space in the living room and got so wide i had to move the furniture to make more room for it, i still miss it’


Note: There is still time for people to send me stuff (pictures would be good 😉 )