Political Speak

Political Speak

I want to spend more time with my family,
the grey-headed politician
moans on his backbench
as ambitions take a dive
faster than a stash down the toilet
when the cops arrive

It was just a loan between friends
the minister cries out
from minimum security,
I have a lot of friends
who want to ensure
my financial security, without the need
for favours returned.

I did not sleep with my secretary –
we simultaneously retired,
it’s tiring working endless days
slaving away for my electorate,
far from my family who
I’d like to spend more time with,
I was on the job.

Environmental issues are critical
but complex, not easily understood
by those who are not important ministers
with access to the necessary details
to grasp the complexities of the arguments.
My head is around these issues
no-one is holding a gun to it.

No comment,
I do not recall,
These issues are out of my hands,
These matters are for another department,
Yes minister.