Belated Happy New Year

Belated Happy New Year

Busy, busy, busy 🙂

The school holidays are coming to a close and they have gone so quickly.

I seem incapable of getting through my To Do list. Is this a common problem?

It’s not all my fault 😉

Christmas Eve I was wiping down a bench and I managed to get a piece of metal stuck in my thumb – stuck deep inside like a medical implant. Lucky it missed the bone, but I spent the next week seeing doctors, getting x-rays and ultrasounds, and waiting long periods in waiting rooms!

The thumb got infected (of course) before the metal was extracted and after it was extracted – fun, fun, fun #NOT

Many antibiotics were consumed.

Anyhoo, it is all healed now and I am only left with an uneasy feeling that something sharp will be lurking somewhere in my vicinity at all times 😞

Here are some photos just to keep the old blog chugging along:


Free-ranging Muscovy duckling (nearly grown up now) and Silky hen.

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe (the infamous Chinese Silky rooster) looking for Snowy, his number 1 girl.


Must keep the feathers in order (Muscovy duckling grooming)

veges 2014

Non free-ranging vegetables 😉

Yes, the young Stafford was right – I needed to fence the vege patch (he’s a wise person that Staffo).

Deep down I knew I needed to cage the vegetables but I so didn’t want too 😦 They have feelings too you know #lol

Jazz 2014

 Jazzy the Labradoodle dandy dog waits patiently for a game of catch – waiting, waiting!

Bloody humans #grrrr

thompson and thomson

Thompson and Thomson are waiting for Snowy 😉


Sometimes a cool drink takes the edge off 😎

Belated happy new year wonderful people in the blogosphere xo

Paradise pre Federal Election (photos)

Paradise pre Federal Election (photos)

no5 (800x519)

The race is on Australia

no1 (800x485)

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – so there!

no4 (800x513)

But the spring strawberries are ripening just fine 🙂

no2 (800x507)

The cumquat, lavender, bayleaf and rosemary patch is coming along sweet

no3 (800x528)

cumquat may

life goes on

DSC_0230 (800x530)

Buttons the calf will chew on the issues and ponderate the cruel nature inherent in life itself

DSC_0308 (800x530)

The alpacas are more concerned about the state of their hair on a windy day

DSC_0246 (800x718)

Merlin is getting very nervous with the approaching weekend.

Saturday is the annual shear for our alpacas, so get ready to say goodbye to the long locks (oh, and it’s the election #eek)

imagesphoto from googles images