School holidays

School holidays

It’s the second week of school holidays and not much time to myself;

so here’s another bad frog joke to keep my blog from stagnating 😉

Photo by Gabrielle Bryden


Q: Why are frogs so happy?

A: They eat whatever bugs them!


I gave you fair warning – haha 🙂

Hope everyone had a peaceful and enjoyable Easter break.

Now I better jump back into the fray. If I survive the holidays I might even write again!

Carbon tax passes into law

Carbon tax passes into law

Photo by Andrew Bryden

Well hallelujah 🙂

The controversial price on carbon is set to become law now that the lower house of parliament has passed a set of bills outlining the scheme. The bills will have to pass Senate later in the year, but this won’t be a problem because of support from the Greens.

The scheme will require the top 500 polluters to pay a price on the carbon (per tonne) they are emitting.

‘To compensate households, the government is cutting income taxes and boosting payments such as pensions and other benefits, as well as offering various lump sum payments.

The average household is expected to pay about $9.90 a week in extra living costs, including $3.30 on electricity. However this will be offset by an estimated $10.10 in extra benefits and tax breaks. The Australian scheme will cover about 60 per cent of Australia’s emissions, making it the most broad-based in the world.’ (Sydney Morning Herald, 12/10/11)

This is an historic day for Australia. This issue has been discussed endlessly for the past 2 decades and with no action. Today we are moving toward action.

The climate change denialists are a well funded and influential group of idiots that have significantly dumbed down debate on this critical issue. History will not be kind to them.

Australia is one of the luckiest (if not THE luckiest) and wealthiest countries in the world. If a country such as ours takes no action on climate change than our planet is in real trouble.

Say YES to a price on Carbon.

Despite what the negative Opposition say, we can take action on climate change and it will make a difference. The introduction of a price on carbon is just the beginning of the story of the world moving toward a clean energy future.