Note: A repost (image is from Google searches).

If you live in Australia you will know that there is an emergency situation in regards to bushfires in New South Wales.

There are over 60 active fires, particularly in the Blue Mountains near Sydney. The weather conditions are likely to deteriorate tomorrow with increased winds and temperatures and there is a fear that some fires will join together into a mega fire with a huge perimeter.

There are thousands of fire-fighters working on the ground and more are arriving from around Australia as we speak.

It is October and spring in Australia. But February is our hottest month and usually our peak bushfire period.

There are some active fires in the national parks about 40 kilometres from where I live. A piggery was destroyed yesterday in these fires and livestock killed and buildings destroyed. The Bruce Highway and local roads were closed for several hours because of these fires.

The risk will increase unless we get significant rain. The recent floods in this area (January 2013) have caused huge increases in flammable undergrowth. The grass in the fields around here is as dry as bedding hay.

Please let it rain!

And thank you all the firies for the great work you do – true heroes 😀