Sad Fairy

Sad Fairy

Sad Fairy

Sad fairy, sad fairy the sunshine outside
is beaming for you, but your smile is denied.

Are you sad from the knowledge that the young do grow old
and their soft downy hearts turn white with the cold?

Do you feel that the magic of stories made up
will vanish with time like the squeal of a pup?

Do you feel that you too will dissolve in the mist,
mere droplets of memory for the few who persist

with the childlike imaginings of a long time ago,
when the waters so pure that a mermaid did show?

Please smile little fairy for your sparkly charms
will be gathered with glee in the welcoming arms

of a fresh batch of children, with laughter and kisses
for fairies and elves; as well – reminisces.


In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams

I believe
mushrooming fairies and elves
cavort in misty green plots.

I believe
that naughty toys wait until midnight
to stretch and play
free from children’s hands.

I believe
in funambule without net.

I believe
treacherous creatures lurk in the dark.

I believe
I am a werewolf restrained
until the full-moon
releases the shackles
bitter salt rises in blood with the king tide
and the throats of lambs will be slashed.

Walter Mitty is harmless.

Dream on.