Citrus Fiesta (Poems by Juliet Wilson)

Citrus Fiesta (Poems by Juliet Wilson)

Photo by Gabrielle Bryden


Papayas and Lemons

In your garden grew a beautiful lemon tree
In mine there was a papaya tree

We breakfasted on fresh papayas
sprinkled with ginger
and drizzled with lemon juice

Until one day a raging storm
blew down the papaya tree

Now we eat our breakfasts alone
and you take your lemons to market


48 hours without
(on a 2 day sponsored fast for charity)

I bought a bag of tangerines
for the time of breaking the fast –
they sat, glowing orange
temptation in the fruit bowl.

The first day I struggled
to remain normal, distracted
by ugly rumbles in my stomach –
signs of a deep hunger

that on the second day
gave way to dizzy light headedness,
an ability to float
above the mundane everyday.

On the forty ninth hour
I held a tangerine, its scent
spicing the air; how strangely
difficult it was to eat

to deny myself my entry
into that other existence
I had almost started
to glimpse.


Juliet Wilson is a Scottish poet from Edinburgh (aka Crafty Green Poet) who blogs here (‘creative thinking, greener living’). She is the author of the poetry colleciton ‘Unthinkable Skies’.

Thanks Juliet 🙂

Bolts of Silk – Red’s the Colour

Bolts of Silk – Red’s the Colour

Blood Lily


I am chuffed to announce that my poem ‘Red’s the Colour’, one of my colour series, has been published in ‘Bolts of Silk’.

Follow this link to get to the poem and blogzine.

The ‘Bolts of Silk’ blogzine has the motto ‘beautiful poetry with something to say’ and is edited by poet Juliet Wilson (also known as blogger Crafty Green Poet) from Scotland. I love the name ‘Bolts of Silk’ – such a beautiful, sensory image.

Thanks Juliet 🙂

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

step into the hot shower
lather your body with fragrant soap
cleanse your hair with shampoo
soften with conditioner
apply styling gel
for that must-have straight look
hairspray to keep it in place

clean your teeth
mouthwash is good

make-up that face
smooth on skin tone matching foundation

powder puff away the shine

artistically define with eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara
bringing out your eyes
brush on flushing rouge
slap on liquid red lipstick

paint with matching nail polish

slip into dangerously high heeled
polished shoes
and little black dress
dry-cleaned to perfection

atomise intense perfume

ready, let’s go party

don’t explode
with that

chemical cocktail!


Another contribution for Organic Fortnight – couldn’t resist a poem. See Crafty Green Poet for further details.