My dog Jazzy

My dog Jazzy


Chuffed to have my poem ‘My dog Jazzy’ selected as Poem of the Day over at Australian Children’s Poetry.

It was originally titled ‘A Boy and a Dog called Jazzy’, and years ago my son did a reading of it which you can see on youtube. Just seems like yesterday, but look how little he is (and so cute) – so is Jazzy 😍.



A boy and a dog called Jazzy

A boy and a dog called Jazzy

A boy and a dog called Jazzy

Best friends
can be short or tall
bright or quiet
booky or sporty
anything at all
mine just happens to be
a goofy, woolly
poodly, woodly
type beastie
with a coat of gold
soft as marshmallows
melting in the camp fire
pinkest tongue
cool wet nose
that reminds me when
a hug is due
boofy head
that rests on my legs
like I’m the best pillow
following me from room to room
my loyal shadow
liquid eyes
of chocolate brown
forever sad
even when eating
but a shaggy, waggy tail
a heart filled with happy
jazzy, fizzy stuff
that bubbles all around me
tickling me with love.


Note: A repost 🙂

Puggle to Echidna

Puggle to Echidna

Puggle to Echidna

Egg shelter ruptured
exposing nubble,

putty smooth, pink
vulnerable puggle.

Tiny claws and snout,
hurry up, we’re waiting,

for spines to emerge,
prickly armour-plating.

The spiny covered puggle
is now called an echidna,

a coat so very sharpish
their habits – an enigma.

Naive predators approach,
they haven’t got a clue,

piercing of a probing nose
will change their point of view.

A puggle is a hapless morsel,
tasty dingo meal;

huddling echidna in a ball –
that’s no real meal appeal!


Photo: Short beaked echidna spiny anteater tachyglossus aculeatus by Allan Whittome (public domain photo)

Note: A puggle is a baby monotreme (echidna or platypus)

Sad Fairy

Sad Fairy

Sad Fairy

Sad fairy, sad fairy the sunshine outside
is beaming for you, but your smile is denied.

Are you sad from the knowledge that the young do grow old
and their soft downy hearts turn white with the cold?

Do you feel that the magic of stories made up
will vanish with time like the squeal of a pup?

Do you feel that you too will dissolve in the mist,
mere droplets of memory for the few who persist

with the childlike imaginings of a long time ago,
when the waters so pure that a mermaid did show?

Please smile little fairy for your sparkly charms
will be gathered with glee in the welcoming arms

of a fresh batch of children, with laughter and kisses
for fairies and elves; as well – reminisces.


Enter at Own Risk (for Fortnight of Funnies)

Enter at Own Risk (for Fortnight of Funnies)

While we are on the subject of kids poems, here is one I wrote ages ago 😉

Thanks to all the messy children out there – you know who you are!

You might think it was about my boy, but one great thing about aspies* is they can be very neat when it comes to their own possessions.


Enter at Own Risk

Messy’s what I really like
and messy’s what I’ve got.

Mum would like it pristine clean
she’d spoil my favourite spot.

My books don’t really need a shelf
there’s heaps of room on the floor.

They’re better than a carpet
they can also block the door.

Who’d want them in an order
of size, shape and subject matter,

I can see the covers better
when they’re laid out flat and splattered.

The best thing about a messy room
is the places you’ve got to hide

crusty undies and broken cups
and something else that died.

There’s yucky stuff that could be food
befitting an alien snack.

Who would have thought that yellow
banana skins go such a shade of black.

I draw many lovely pictures
leaving paper everywhere

and when the wind blows through the room
they float throughout the air.

Stuffed toys and pillows fluff about
wherever they want to go.

I can’t control their movements
this is not the army you know.

Super balls and marbles
roll around without a care

only causing serious injury
when you enter unaware.

My room is like a mixing bowl
for smells that shock the nose.

I’m warning new arrivals
it reeks of rotten toes.

But my nose has grown accustomed
to the lack of fragrant air.

To me it is quite comforting
only causes Mum despair.

So if you wish to visit me
and enter my abode

you do so at your own risk,
there are things that might explode.


*aspies – people with asperger’s syndrome or high functioning autism

Miss Murtle the Turtle (Fortnight of Funnies)

Miss Murtle the Turtle (Fortnight of Funnies)

Poem by Helen Ross

Miss Helen

Miss Murtle the Turtle

A cute little turtle
Named Miss Murtle
Loved to sit and knit

She knitted a lot
But no matter what
Nothing seemed to fit

A hat for Rose
Ended over her nose
Then she knitted a jumper for Steve

Its colour was bright
The neck too tight
And his left arm didn’t fit the sleeve

A pair of socks
For Rox, the fox
Were too long and far too wide

And some mittens
For two cuddly kittens
Were big enough to hide inside

Then a scarf
Caused a laugh
As it turned out too small to wear

But Murtle just smiled
Like a naughty child
And put it in her friend’s hair

Though never furious
Murtle was curious
To discover why nothing would fit

So she asked a friend
On whom she could depend
To sit and watch her knit

But her friend, Irena
Laughed like a hyena
She thought Murtle was being a clown

For little Miss Murtle
The cute little turtle
Was reading the pattern book upside down


Helen Ross is a talented ‘Brisbane-based published children’s author, an award winning children’s poet, freelance writer-photographer, and blogger.’

Her new releases include:

Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems


10 Yellow Bananas


She loves to visit schools around Australia and conducts ‘giggle poetry workshops’ 😉

The kids call her Miss Helen.

You can find out more about Miss Helen over here.

Thanks Helen for your lovely giggly poem 🙂


Let them be bored

Let them be bored

Let them be bored

Power out
tv blank
pc down
tablet black
iphone no phone!

boring, boring,

only boring people get bored
the old saying goes

blah blah blah

boring boring

Light a candle
play a game

use the electricity
in your brain

sparks of creativity
glinting connectivity

flickering tinkering
lateral sideways thinking

bending of facilities
curving of capabilities

shadows await
the endless possibilities.

Imagination born
from the bored.

Zombie shuffle

Zombie shuffle

Photo by Tessa Bryden

Zombie shuffle

I’m doing the zombie shuffle
my mind in a tad of a muffle
my thoughts in a bit of a funk
my limbs limp and starting to clunk
my eyelids are heavy and closing
my eyeballs are dry and near dozing
my brain in a lazy day haze
my ideas stuck in malaise
my feet drag and shamble and scuffle
I’m doing the zombie shuffle


Prehistoric Aussies Rule

Prehistoric Aussies Rule

Prehistoric Aussies Rule

Well I wonder just how scary the Australian landscape was
when the dinosaurs and other beasties roamed?
I suppose it would depend upon your muscles, teeth and claws –
I see Leaellynasaura shaking in her bones,

and the small Coelurosaur was the fastest on two legs
but needed more when fleeing predators!
The ferocious Allosaur could rip Labyrinthodont to shreds
when the amphibian came foolishly to shore.

Minmi paravertebra was little as a cow
but had bony plated armour under skin.
This made it hard for carnivores to sink their teeth right down,
so they’d move along – they knew they couldn’t win.

There was also a giant sauropod, herbivorous they say,
a gentle long necked, quadruped so high.
The paleontologists must have been having a bad day
when they called it Rhoetosaurus brownei.

Now the Muttaburrasaurus langdoni is a good name
to suit a creature – much like an Iquanadon,
this herbivous ornithopod’s bones have made its fame,
found near Muttaburra by a grazier, Doug Langdon.

I haven’t even touched upon the oceanic beings,
Kronosaurus queenslandicus and foe.
Long time ago the middle of Australia was all sea
and the place was just as dangerous, don’t you know!

The one I love the very most has shades of modern dolphin,
Platypterigius australia is its name.
I know, you’ll say the pronunciation is difficult to pin
and the platypus is nowhere in the game.

Above the land and sea flew winged reptiles, ugly,
long before the feathered birds emerged.
The Pterosaur cruised right along air currents, smugly
swooping down to snatch up fish on which to splurge.

Well that’s enough of prehistoric Aussies, for this day,
I hope those names are sinking in your head.
Tomorrow we will cover megafauna – no yawning –
when giant kangaroos were quite widespread .