blur words for pissedoffedness

blur words for pissedoffedness

blur words for pissedoffedness

not happy jan
apathy bland
interest adrift
zilch spilch
unsound sound
yeti continues
on and on and on
like persistent tinnitus
mad monk abbottabad
titantic floundering filibusters
insane in the membrane


Note: A repost because I am still %$£”&*%$ pissed off      😠

Nudder Note: This poem might seem a bit confusing for non-Australians or people not familiar with our current political climate. I will explain a little.

The Australian Federal election will be held in a few more weeks.

Warning: Anti-coalition rant ahead

If interested, Tony Abbott is the leader of the conservative opposition (the coalition) and a complete wukfit who would like to return Australia to the 1950’s. He is renowned for his gaffs and has been known to refer to female candidates as ‘sexy’ (an attribute we are all looking for in our candidates) and said that the gay marriage movement was a ‘fashion of the day’. He doesn’t really believe in human-induced climate change and has a strategy to match his erroneous beliefs.

Clive Palmer is a billionaire mining magnate who has now entered the Federal arena with a PUP (Palmer United Party). He likes to buy expensive toys – he wants to build a replica titanic and would love to buy the Australian public; and he also seems to think the CIA is backing green groups to destroy the mining industry in Australia.

A recent survey found that a large percentage of Australians were much more concerned with refugees arriving by boat than they were with climate change.

I think we need to start paying attention to facts rather than scare mongering. Human-induced climate change is real and will have an impact on our lives that we can’t imagine. Boat arrivals of refugees are not a great threat to this nation – far more refugees arrive by plane! They are human beings who are most often escaping the horrors of war and human depravity and they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Fun times! #NOT



Disclaimer: My views may be considered biased as my cousin Anna Burke is a member of the Australian Labor Party and is the Federal Member for Chisholm (just in case you live in Melbourne and want to vote for the best candidate) and the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the previous Parliament. If you believe me to be biased you will be correct and I won’t give a toss. If you vote for the coalition I can refer you to a good psychiatrist 😉





Very proud of my cousin Anna Burke (the Federal Member for the Melbourne seat of Chisholm since 1998) who was yesterday elected to the position of Speaker to the House of Representatives.

She is only the 2nd woman in the history of the Australian parliament to be voted into this prestigious position.

I’m so excited I’m doing the happy dance 😉

Anna is my Mum’s brothers daughter. My Mum (an Irish/Australian catholic) was born in Melbourne and had 3 sisters and 6 brothers. Between the 10 siblings were born a fair few children; so I have a lot of cousins (you can imagine – haha).

Congrats Anna!


ps. If you missed Julia Gillard’s spectacular and spirited speech in Parliament yesterday pointing out Tony Abbott’s sexist comments and behaviours over the years, it’s a ripper and went viral on the internet. The Australian media was embarrassingly quiet on the subject of her speech but the media around the world quickly cottoned on to the significance. The New Yorker has a great article about it here.