all cats have asperger syndrome

all cats have asperger syndrome

The picture book all cats have asperger syndrome by Kathy Hooperman is a highly recommended read/look if you know and love someone with Asperger Syndrome (AS).

I absolutely love this book!

Gorgeous and hilarious photos of cats and kittens are matched with descriptions of Asperger Syndrome in a touching and humorous manner, highlighting the unique qualities and potential of people with AS.

People with Asperger Syndrome are different, not defective, and this book emphasises their distinctive attributes.

The book is terrific for explaining AS to children, including siblings in a gentle, entertaining manner.

I would also recommend it as an educational tool for relatives and friends who may not have time to read copious technical material on autism spectrum disorder.

I have myself read this book to young primary school children as an awareness raising exercise – they laughed their heads off at the pictures (and I hope they learned something as well – haha).

ps. Cathy Hooperman has another picture book All dogs have ADHD which is just as good (I’m sure we all know someone with ADHD 😉 ).