Queensland Writers Week

Queensland Writers Week

Place in Poetry

Queensland Writers Week (October 10-16th) has been up and running in our fine State and as part of the celebrations Brisbane-based poetic guru Graham Nunn invited seven Queensland poets to:

‘discuss the role of place in their poetry. A sense of place plays an important role in the initiation of images for many poets. When a poet taps into the depth of their surroundings and is able to create images that bring the reader headlong into the environment that inspired them, it is a rare and blessed experience.’

I am pleased to be featured along with terrific poets like Samual Wagan Watson and Kristin Hannaford.

If you pop over to Another Lost Shark you can read my take on place in poetry (and the other poets who are from all over Queensland).

Visiting Poem (Graham Nunn)

Visiting Poem (Graham Nunn)

photo by G. Bryden

Today is Day 4 of 2011 National Poetry Week and we are encouraged to

LIVE- be liberated to find poetry and the inspiration for poems in every part of life.

I am still doing my thing πŸ˜‰ so I was delighted to receive a poem from Brisbane-based poet Graham Nunn and he had this to say:

‘Wrote this one for UK poet, Jacob Polley after taking him fishing last weekend. Think it tells the story…’

Empty Creel

Cast after cast
he failed
to notice the wind
reach deep
inside his ear,
planting there
a future of ice.


Thanks Graham πŸ™‚ Haha – it does tell a story!

I will post a couple more poems today (otherwise I am going to run out of days πŸ˜‰ ) I am really enjoying this week of sharing – so much fun to be had (the more the merrier).

Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers (update)

Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers (update)

Jonathan Crossfield has provided an update ofΒ his Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers .

He has tweaked and twiddled with the methodology to get a more reliable ranking. If you are that way inclined you may want to hop over to his blog CopyWrite for a thorough explanation of these methodological issues.

I am happy to announce that my blog has moved into the top 50 at rank 37 (from my outsider position last year of 51 – sounds a bit like horse racing doesn’t it) -yabbadabbadoo!!!

The wonderful Graham Nunn from Another Lost Shark has glided past me in the murky waters of this river of blogs to rank at 22 – that’s another yabbadabbadoo!!!